The purge has begun

All last week I walked around the house, taking notice of toys that have been neglected for some time now and writing them down on a list marked “Yard Sale.” I make way too many lists.

As I watched the list grow longer and longer, I really realized just how much crap we’ve accumulated. Way more than I thought, and I was only writing stuff down I could see.. that didn’t count the hundreds of things buried under other things. We have a lot of that, too.

Sunday is our big cleaning day, so I thought what better time to collect all the things i’d written down other than the day i’m trying to get the house in order anyways?
Three boxes and 5 trips out to the bonus room later and I had everything on the list out of the main house and in a not so neat stack for the yard sale.

What I noticed while cleaning was that not only had I put toys away that Holden had grown out of, but that there were tons of things i’d forgotten about that Parker could have played with and has now grown out of as well. What a waste!
I also started feeling really sad about letting some of the toys go. I am not Mrs. Sentimental in the slightest, not usually anyways, but taking some things out of the house that have been a staple in our living room since Holden was a baby was a little bit sad. I feel bad about it! Taking away so many toys and not replacing them with any, what will Parker play with now? I know it’s for the best because it was just clutter and he was too old for them… but I feel like I should take some of the money I may make from them and buy him something new to play with. But what??? Buying toys for a kid his age is hard. He’s too old for baby stuff, but too young for a lot of the really cool toys out on the market.

As far as the actual yard sale goes… I don’t have much time before Disney to make it happen. I’d hoped to have it next weekend, but I also thought it would be warm, and it seems like the stupid Groundhog was wrong when he decided spring was coming early, because it is COLD. Colder than it was last month. I don’t know how this happened but i’m not pleased about it! I definitely don’t want to be freezing my ass off trying to peddle my crap to strangers.
But it has to be either then or the weekend after, because after that it’s the family’s Easter get together, and then the next weekend is Disney. Rock and a hard place. Frustrating!

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