Since Thomas brought the rough draft of my book home on paper, i’ve been hell-bent on getting it edited, printed, and then starting on the second edit (I know it will need it). I knew editing would not be an easy process. I knew it would be tedious and somewhat frustrating to have to tear my own words apart and decide what’s not good enough by my own standards- but I didn’t think it would be as bad as it is!

Sometimes I enjoy editing it, but it’s a lot of syntax and grammatical errors, res-structuring paragraphs and sentences, and in some cases re-writing the entire opening to a chapter. It’s bogged me down, BADLY.

But that’s not the only thing holding me back from really getting on a roll and banging this thing out. It’s priorities. Obviously I have the kids during the day so I can’t get a lot done there and have no problem with that, but once night time comes along and the kids are sleeping- I find that I have other things to do that seem to be more important. It always comes down to money. I HAVE to make money for Disney, there’s no way around that. Most nights, when I could be editing the book, instead i’m stuck doing hours worth of boring surveys for a couple of extra bucks. It all adds up, I know… but it’s still frustrating to know the book is sitting there getting no work done on it.

The book is a priority, for sure… but spending money at Disney is a bigger one at the moment, so once again my book gets pushed aside.

It’s not like I haven’t gotten anything done. Out of 283.5 pages in the hard copy, i’ve hand edited 59. That’s what? Over 1/6 of the book down? I re-wrote the whole first chapter (which added about 4 pages to the book… that i’ll probably lose in things I hack out of it down the road), and made everything flow together. Took out things that didn’t make sense, and made other things make more of it.

I’d love to tell you I get more work done on the weekends since I always stay up later and have Thomas home during the day to wrangle the boys if I need a quiet moment to get a couple of pages out of the way… but I really prefer spending the time he’s home with him and the kids, out doing things since I never get out of the house otherwise. And at night, after a few drinks, I tend to lose focus and all my edits begin to run together. You have to be of clear mind to edit a book! Especially in 12 pt font.

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