A penny for your thoughts?

I don’t doubt that i’ve used this blog title in the past, but i’m guessing it was pertaining to Holden and not Parker. All kids seem to go through the stage where you know they’re trying so hard to tell you what’s on their mind but they just can’t figure out how to form the words in order to do so. It’s a very frustrating stage for all those involved. Parker is currently in that stage… but sometimes I wonder if he isn’t having a harder time of it than other kids his age.

The job of a Mom always seems to worry first and parent second. Or maybe that’s just me, a born worrier. I’m never quite sure about that one.

With everything Parker has been through, it’s very hard not to worry beyond the typical amount that a mom with a ‘normal’ kid might worry. I know, you may argue that Parker is totally normal, and in most ways yes he is… but being sick for so long, all of his eating issues have, I believe (as does his OT) effected him in other areas of his life as well- and that totally freaks me out.

In my mind, rationally, I should know that it’s just run of the mill parenting worry- you always want your kid to be ahead and not behind, but that can’t always happen unless you have a super genius on your hands.

After our last OT appointment where our therapist pointed out that Parker may have “low tone” in his mouth and his legs because of how much he drools and the way he walks, I started looking at him more closely and wondering if the things he does that seem silly to me are actually things I should be worried about.

Why is it that whenever Parker sees a car or a bird his entire body tenses up and he completely spazzes out? And I mean COMPLETELY. Red in the face, grunting like a caveman, body totally stiff. It always seemed weird to me, but I thought he was just really into all of those things.
Why is it that he still has yet to speak an actual word at almost a year and a half old? He still just grunts and says “DADADA!” or “DAT!” to absolutely everything. Our therapist insists that he’ll have a language ‘boom’ in the next few months where he’ll suddenly start saying all kinds of things, especially since he understands EVERYTHING we say, but as a mother- how can I not worry that he’s falling behind?

If he’s so far ahead of the curve when it comes to potty training and comprehension of things “above his level”- is he really as far behind as my worry is leading me to believe? Are all of his little quirks just that, or is it something more?

It’s like I said- after everything Parker has gone through already, how can I not worry about what he may be experiencing now?

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Why can’t parenting just be stress free and simple?

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  • those are the only “words” jordan will say too. to the tee. he says “dadadadada” but not really in reference to justin, in reference to really anything. and he will point at something and say “dat”. that’s it. well no, he says yeah when i ask him a question. but no words. i am starting to get a little concerned. but good to know i am not the only one.

  • from all i’ve read and learned from experience- it’s normal not to be speaking. the language “boom” isn’t usually until 20 months, and our OT won’t even consider speech therapy until that point. It’s frustrating but ‘normal’- whatever that is

  • I’m a little behind in reading but just thought i’d leave my thoughts on this. Although no two children are exactly alike or develop exactly alike haylee was some what similar. She only said dadada until she was two years old. I was very concerned and even took her in for testing. All of the sudden she started to speak words i never knew she had. The speech will get there and once there you’ll be asking your self where it came from. But even still after the testing and they told me she was fine in all other places I still worried. And it’s not going to hlep you worry any less until he actually starts to use his words.