One week down

And I honestly don’t feel like throwing myself off of a roof as much as I thought I would. Three toddlers sounds like an absolute nightmare- but really, it’s not that much worse than two. Sure, they feed off of each other and seem to get much crazier than my two alone- but it’s nothing I can’t handle. Especially since my brother comes and gets Preston at nap time, so it isn’t even a full day.

I do have to admit that I am damn glad it’s Friday. It was a long week, and a lot to have to accept and gear up for going from just saying MAYBE to my brother, to instantly being thrown into becoming Preston’s babysitter without even a chance to really mull it over. Though I must not be doing too bad of a job because according to my brother and his baby-mama, Preston talks about coming back over here non stop. So much that he was waiting for my brother to come home one morning at 5:30 and instantly asked if it was time to come here as soon as he walked through the door. Awesome aunt? Check.

Three days a week (and one evening every other week) for just a couple of hours is nothin’, and getting paid in cash every Friday is pretty fantastic too.

Tonight a much needed break is in order, so some friends are coming over for dinner and drinks- and then maybe another friend later to join us in our lame-o card/board gaming ways. This time, i’m not going to end up crawling to the bathroom and puking though. I have finally learned my lesson (and my limits) and am fully aware that pounding drinks is not the best route to go in. I need to be able to make it to the bank tomorrow before noon to deposit my shiny new money into my savings account, and a head thrashing hangover would not be conducive to that.

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