My hand at cooking

Guest post written by Pete Badger

My wife does most of the cooking in our house for now. I haven’t told her yet, but I secretly enrolled in a once a week cooking class at the local community college. I’m so thrilled to learn some cool skills, since I’ve always wanted to cook but never sat down to really figure out how to do it! The plan is to go for a few weeks then surprise her one night after work with a completely home-made dinner…that she didn’t have to lift a finger for. I went last night and they started us off small, making smaller side dishes like veggies and mashed potatoes. Mine weren’t half bad, if I do say so myself!
This all started when I heard a coworker of mine talking about looking for internet address availability so he could start up his own cooking blog. He apparently had this genius idea, since his wife hates cooking, so I thought I’d tag myself onto it. Hey, it’s the thought thatreally counts, right? Right!

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