Money: The Bane of my existence

Our Disney trip is inching closer and closer. Tomorrow will be 40 days until we leave. It sounds like a lot when you look at the number, but when you think about it in terms of weeks- it feels very close. 5 weeks if my calculations are correct (there’s always the chance i’m off, i’m bad with numbers and time.)

While i’ve been stashing away money every chance I get to make sure we have enough to be able to get WHATEVER we want (within reason of course) without having to worry about depleting our savings and going completely broke, the room upgrade seriously set me back. It was almost everything i’d had saved up until that point. So it wasn’t anything huge, BUT, it still stung… a lot.

That meant that I had to begin saving up from scratch. Really, I never took the money i’d saved out of savings to pay back my checking- so everything i’m making now is going to checking to pay it back. Not a confusing statement or anything. I know i’m making money back with the babysitting and the surveys and sponsored blogs- but I also know it’s more than likely not going to be enough to pay bck what I spent on the upgrade unless I get REALLY lucky.

I’m not so concerned that we’re going to go spending crazy and totally break out of our penny pinching molds the moment we step foot on the tarmac in Orlando- but just like with any trip, there are these unexpected costs that keep popping up that are really putting a thorn in my side.

First it was the stroller rental- which we saved money on by not renting once we get to the Disney park, and was an expenditure I expected, but still not fun to watch that money disappear. Today I learned that with the airline we’re traveling with (like most airlines), they no longer let you check bags for free. Every bag is $20, and we were planning on taking 3. That’s $120 total for the round trip. I don’t understand that charge. Tickets are already expensive enough, and now there’s no free baggage? What do you get for your money? A seat and one free bathroom pass?

We have the Disney dining plan, so that will cover most of our food costs, which is nice- but anything more than one snack a day, or the reservation we made for an awesome restaurant off of the plan is coming out of our pockets. If I want internet? I think it’s something like $10 a day unless I pay for the hour, and that’s around $4. I wasn’t planning on blogging every day while there, and definitely wasn’t planning on doing surveys (I shudder to think how many I will have waiting for me when we return)- but it would be nice to have a connection with the outside world, upload some photos, maybe do a short blog here or there… so that would be more money spent if I chose to do that.

The last thing I want is to go to Disney and to be constantly worrying about money. This is supposed to be a vacation! For all of us, not just the boys. Maybe I should just say screw it, spend what we want (again, within reason), and then pay myself back once we get home and I get back to ‘working.’
It would be worth it, don’t you think?

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  • Omg, I’ve so got some catch up reading to do! Really?! :O

    I agree that uploading pics and such would be nice cause I’d love to see them and hear how everything’s going. You could probably find a wi-fi connection somewhere around there though… Free internet right there! Idk, maybe!