Mommy’s first wrinkle cream

Ever since Holden pointed out the “three lines on my forehead”- i’ve been bothered by them. They’ve been there for as long as I can remember. I make such extreme facial expressions that i’ve always had wrinkle lines there, but I guess I just hadn’t noticed how DEEP they’d gotten. Now they’re all I see when I look at my face. It’s disturbing me on a deep level- i’m getting old. Or my body is at least.

It started with the gray hair, which I noticed immediately, but since the mention of my forehead wrinkles- i’ve taken a closer notice at the rest of my face. My eyelids right at the lash line are red. My skin isn’t as smooth as it used to be and my eyes seem more sunk back. People tell me how young I look all the time, and with makeup on I think I do, too… without it, I feel old. My skin feels old.

I hadn’t considered using any face creams to reduce wrinkles before because I didn’t think I had any bad enough to warrant it- but now with all things combined, I think it’s a necessary evil.

Mommy ordered her first wrinkle cream off of Amazon today. It’s a sad day in the life of a 20-something. I’m really old enough to be using wrinkle creams? I already use skin firming cream on my stomach because it’s so loose after carrying 2 kids in it in 2 years, I suppose this was the next logical step.

I didn’t think my kids stressed me out that much, but my body apparently disagrees.

I just hope the cream works, because i’m already sick of looking at this crevasse on my head.

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