Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY! WHY???

When it comes to Holden, I always like to give him the benefit of the doubt. To try and see things optimistically. Usually it works out pretty good. When it came to teething? He got those suckers out of the way months before other kids. Terrible twos? No big deal at all! Tantrums? Not so much. Not a single time has he thrown himself on the floor and flailed his limbs like a fish out of water.

A trend has started happening with kids his age, the big fat ugly question: WHY? It’s that evil curious age where a child absolutely must have answers to everything. Doesn’t matter how big or small, they want to know why.
Holden pulled that stunt about a year ago. For about 2 weeks he asked why to absolutely everything I said to him, and then just as abruptly as the interrogation began, it ended. Never to be asked again.
I didn’t count him out of the race- but I sure as hell hoped I could avoid yet another round of the ‘why?’ game.

Of course, just as I was pleased with the lack of questions- the subconscious stream all children seem to be linked in to kicked into high gear. WHY WHY WHY all over again, but this time it’s not on questions that I can answer and be happy that he’s just being curious and wants to absorb everything around him- ohhh no. Instead, he only uses “WHY?” to question things I tell him to do.
Go get your chair
Because it’s time for lunch
Because you need your chair for lunch

Every time it ends that way, with me getting so frustrated  that he can’t accept my answer that the only thing I can think to say is “BECAUSE I SAID SO!”
How momly of me.

And he didn’t stop with just that word. He has also gotten into the habit of starting every single statement or question with “MOMMY!”
Everything he says or does, he has to announce it to me first. If I don’t respond quickly enough it turns into a Family Guy like situation. “Mommy… Mommy!…. MOMMY!!!!”

Even the tiniest most pointless thing must have my acknowledgment or Holden is not a happy camper. If he demands Thomas to answer him and I do instead? I get that evil preschooler attitude that has become so famous, “No! I’m not talking to you! I’m talking to DADDY!”
Lovely isn’t it?
Isn’t this age just fantastic??

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