Luck O’ The Irish

St. Patrick’s Day is another one of those holidays I let pass every year and don’t think twice about. While it can partially be about Irish heritage, for everyone else it’s just a big drinking holiday. I like to drink, sure, but I don’t need a holiday to tell me when to do it… and I don’t really want to be trying to find excuses to get totally shitfaced and make an ass of myself.

I’m sure there’s Irish in my family tree….. somewhere….so there may be reason to slightly celebrate, but I don’t exactly know where or even who.

Life is too short though, and why not celebrate something even if I think it’s stupid? I have kids… kids will think it’s fun to believe in Leprechauns and go searching for four leaf clovers. Maybe not yet, since Holden is the least excitable person on earth and Parker doesn’t even know where his ass is, let alone understand a holiday… but someday they’ll enjoy it.

This year I think I will enjoy it for them!
I dressed the kids and myself in green (or slightly green… whatever, if it has green in it, it counts) and I have big plans for this evening!
No, I won’t be going out and drinking a gigantic green beer. Ew.

Instead I will have my ass firmly planted on my couch from the hours of 7pm-11pm…. watching Destination Truth Live from Ireland! That’s festive, right? What says Irish more than a search for a Banshee? And if you ask me, there’s nothing better than Josh Gates on a chilly evening.
Why all of my ‘celebrity’ crushes are paranormal type investigators i’ll never know… Josh Gates I think you have to understand. He’s literally the modern day Indiana Jones. Four hours straight of that and i’d definitely say the Luck O’ the Irish, whatever tiny bit I have in my blood, is smiling down on me today!

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