The leash law

Now that I think i’ve got this whole babysitting thing under control… other than the massive shit diapers a 3 year old can create  (VOMIT VOMIT VOMIT), my mind has yet again wandered back to our forthcoming trip to Disney.

Since no one in this house has ever gone to Disney before except myself, I want to make sure it’s an amazing trip… ’cause who knows when we’ll have the opportunity to return. There’s so much to do, you could stay there for 2 weeks and still not see everything- and we definitely aren’t staying for that long.

I’ve gone Disney crazy. Eat sleep and breathe Disney. I have most of our meals booked, and ideas written down for places to get snacks. Ideas of what rides and attractions the boys will want to see the most so we aren’t wandering around totally clueless. There’s going to be HUGE crowds, Easter is said to be the second busiest time of the year… so it’s important to know what you want to do in order to make the most of your time and to try to avoid waiting in a million lines.

The question always comes up in all the Disney talk: To leash your kid or not to. I’ve always hated seeing kids on leashes in public. It seems slightly inhumane, especially in places that aren’t crowded. When it comes to theme parks and other incredibly busy places I can see the need for one. If you’re kid is the type to run wild and refuse to hold your hand- it would almost seem as though a leash is a necessary thing just so you don’t lose them in the sea of people. You know that even if they walk away from you, they’re still hooked to you by a cord.

Still, even with all that being said- I can’t see putting Holden on a leash… and I don’t think Parker will be confident enough in his walking, or more i’m not confident enough in his walking to let him get down and walk with us. I think we’re more opting for renting a double stroller and cruising the kids around for the majority of our time in the parks. Easy and a hell of a lot faster when you aren’t waiting for someone who has to take 3 steps to make up for your 1.
I’m sure they won’t be satisfied with that for the entire time though, they will most likely get restless just sitting there. If Holden wants out, it’s going to be a strict hand holding policy. We’ll be with 2 other adults that can hold his hand if needed as well, so I think we should be covered… but as a parent, of course, I always worry that somehow he’ll manage to get away from us. I plan on having incredibly sweaty hands from holding onto him with a death grip.

I think, hope, pray, we’ll be ok sticking with that. Only time will tell!

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