Keep your germs to yourself!

Typically in this blog I don’t criticize others parenting choices. It’s your kid, why should I care what you do or how you choose to raise your children? No one person has the same viewpoint on what is ‘right’, so how is it my place to tell you that you’re doing it wrong?
The only time someone elses parenting pisses me off is when it effects my kids. Mama bear comes out to play, and today… other parents really pissed me off.

We were out running errands and we decided to stop and grab a bite to eat since it was lunch time. We went to one of our favorite places to go that has amazing subs, sat down, and immediately ordered our food since we already knew what we wanted.
It was then that I heard it- a kid hacking up a lung. I looked around to see what the hell was going on and saw a table full of parents and kids, and a little boy at their table was coughing. Not just regular run of the mill coughing, but a deep chest cough. The longer we sat there, the more he coughed. Non stop.

Instantly I got pissed, and the longer his coughing continued, the more angry I got. With everything Parker has gone through, he really doesn’t need or deserve to get sick again- and here this kid was… out in public, hacking his germs all over a restaurant full of people. The parents didn’t even seem to care. They just sat there and acted like nothing was wrong, while the kid coughed over and over and over again, whining and crying because he was clearly absolutely miserable.

Do what you will with your kids, but when their sick- keep their asses at home! No other kid should get sick because YOU want to go out to lunch and don’t care that your snotty little brat is spreading their germs around. Have some damn consideration.

If we hadn’t already ordered our food, I would have left. It was ridiculous! And to make it worse, the other people at their table, with their young kids didn’t seem to care that their little ones were catching friggin’ bronchitis germs. How can you not care that some kid is spraying germs all over your kid’s food? Congratulations, you just gave your kids bronchitis!

I probably should have walked out regardless, but damnit, we were hungry and we were there, and why should WE have to leave? I hoped their meal was ending and they’d leave before our food came so we could eat in peace… no such luck. He just kept on hacking, kept on whining… and instead of being compassionate his parents threatened to spank him if he didn’t stop crying about it.

Are you kidding me? Seriously?? You want to get mad at YOUR kid because you dragged him out to lunch when he felt like crap?

I made no effort to keep my disgust quiet. And when our food came I had nearly lost my appetite. It felt like the air was completely full of his nasty germs and taking a bite of my food would be taking a bite of his contaminated cough air.

In no way do I think all the decisions I make as a parent are the perfect ones to be making- but when my kids are sick I KEEP THEM HOME. Not only because I know they’re miserable and don’t want to be carted around town, but because no other kid should have to catch what they have and get sick due to my desires to get out of the house. Having to run to the store is one thing- but dragging your sick ass kid out for a playdate and lunch? I don’t think so!

I wanted to get up and smack those idiots. Strong word, but honestly- it was just out of control and unacceptable. I wanted to get their names and numbers so if my kids got sick I could cuss them out for being so irresponsible and selfish.
It probably doesn’t help that I started my period this morning and have ridiculous cramps and am incredibly cranky… helping to make any situation that might slightly urk me before send me into a rampage like i’m the Incredible Hulk- only in red.

Keep your sick kid home, and keep their germs to yourself, damnit!

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