I’m yard-sailinnngggg awayyyyyy

Last year I missed the yard-sale window by about a week. I really wanted and needed to have one, but the weekend after I set my mind to actually do it, it turned freezing. Damn VA weather, ruins everything!

I’ve tried selling the things I wanted to sell via yardsale on Craigslist… but sales there have been few and far between. It would seem that the influx of baby consignment shops has RUINED selling baby gear on Craigslist. Which is pretty stupid because my prices were a hell of a lot better and clothes a hell of a lot cuter!

This year i’m jumping on the train early. I can NOT miss yard sale season. I not only have ALL the crap i’d accumulated from before last year, but all the stuff from the past year as well. AND all the stuff from when Holden was a baby. Even though I only have two kids, I have three kids worth of crap to get rid of. We have so much stuff filling our house it’s UNREAL. Not onyl do we need to make space in the house, but we could use the money for our Disney trip and for all the crap i’m sure we’re going to be bringing back with us.

The problem is that I have NO idea what to get rid of. I am positive on some things, but there are other things that the kids still play with… but I have to wonder if they play with it because it’s around. It’s not age appropriate to be playing with, but can I really get rid of it if it’s still in use? The baby activity table for instance. BOTH of my boys still play with it every day, and so does Preston while he’s here, but it’s definitely not meant for their ages and is taking up a hell of a lot of space in our living room. There is a ridiculous amount of other toys just like that hanging around that I think could go. Very confusing. I don’t want to clean the house out of stuff and leave them with nothing. At the same time, I don’t want to keep things and then a week after the yard sale wish I had gotten rid of them. And what if what happens last time happens this time- getting rid of all the baby stuff and then randomly getting pregnant? I’m not saying I expected it to happen, I sure as hell HOPE NOT, but you just never know. I’m not positive we’re done having kids… will I regret cleaning out the baby stuff for the 2nd time?

I’ve never had my own yard sale before… I honestly don’t know what i’m doing. It seems simple enough. Price all your crap, but up some signs, set it out, and wait for the people to come in. But how do you price used things? I strongly dislike haggling, and I don’t want to be haggled with. I’d prefer it if people just came, bought things at the price I marked, and went on their merry way… but that likely won’t happen. People are stingy with their money and always think they should be able to pay less than you want.

Anyone have any tips or tricks to having a successful yard sale? Anyone have any tables I can borrow, or want to get in on the action? I’m more than happy to share the space if it means I don’t have to deal with strangers alone.

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