I won’t be holding my breath

But apparently Parker will be!

Tantrums are something that every parent has to deal with at some point or another, I don’t think there’s any way around it.
Parker may not eat normally, but he certainly has the personality of a normal 18 month old. I might even venture to say his tantrums are mild compared to other kids his age. Sure, he’s whiny- but he also has an older brother to compete with over toys, and 3 days a week he has an older cousin who does not know the meaning of the word “share” or the phrase “watch out for the baby!”

Occasionally Parker has been known to freak out over really stupid things- but what little kid doesn’t? You tell them it’s time to get in the bath and it’s like the damn sky is falling, end of the world, Apocalypse to them. God forbid they have to stop playing with their toys for 3 minutes!

While screaming, whining and crying are not 3 of my favorite things in the world, they’re all things I know how to deal with, know how to disarm and get things back to operating smoothly in this house again. What I was not prepared for was how far Parker was willing to take his freak outs.

It’s not that I haven’t noticed something strange about how he chooses to throw a tantrum, but I didn’t think it was abnormal enough to think anything of until a few days ago. You see, Parker likes to go what I call “hyper-sonic” when he is really freaking out. The mouth is open, the face is red, but there is no sound. Holden used to do the same thing.
Easy enough to diffuse, after one good scream it’s typically done with and proceeds like a regular tantrum. Well, not Parker. He goes unusual lengths with his mouth wide open, face red, no sound coming out. SO long that his lips begin to turn purple and i’m sitting there telling him to just calm down and breathe.  It’s a scary sight to see, I won’t lie.
While unnerving, it still didn’t strike me as that odd- but two nights ago, he kept that hyper-sonic scream going for so long that he almost literally collapsed to the side. Fainted.
And he’s done it to me once since then.

There are no eyes rolling back in the head, or minutes of him being blacked out- it’s not even seconds, but it’s enough for me to be highly concerned. I don’t know why he’s doing it, if there’s anything I can do to stop it, or if it’s pointing to something else being wrong altogether.

Our OT comes back on Tuesday so i’m going to hold out until then, since she seems a hell of a lot more involved in anything we may think is wrong with Parker than our actual pediatrician… and for the mean time i’m just going to try not to set the kid off. I don’t want him bursting brain cells with this shit.

Anyone out there ever dealt with this?

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  • Some lady mom mom works with….her kid used to do that ALL the time when she was little like that. She was essentially holding her breath until she passed out during her tandtrums. All of the doctors decided said she was just doing it for attention. She grew out of it. Just took some time. Maybe fawning over him when he does it, and telling him to calm down etc (completely normal reaction, I know) is making it worse?

  • sounds about right, honestly. He does a lot of dumb things for attention- and he only does the breath holding to the extreme when he REALLY doesn’t want to be on the potty

  • Bailey has done this since birth, easiest way to get her to breathe before purple lips (or passing out which has happened twice here…) has been to blow in her face, maybe 6-12 inches away.

  • hmmmm it didn’t show my name??? I left the Bailey comment obviously. ROFL

  • I see your name!