Holdenisms for your early spring enjoyment

As much as I enjoy writing blogs about the crazy and completely random things Holden says throughout his time spent on this earth, I will admit that tonight it’s slightly a cop out!

I am incredibly overwhelmed with all the things I have taken on right now and the fact that i’ve set goals to get certain things done before our Disney trip (which is a mere 26 days away). I’ll write more about all of that tomorrow, for now let’s just take a journey into the mysterious place that is Holden’s brain.

We’ll start out with one Disney related.
Holden talks about Disney pretty much nonstop. It doesn’t help that EVERY OTHER commercial is a Disneyworld one (big brother is watching you!). He talks about where he wants to go and things he wants to do . Per usual, the main focus in the Disney commercials is the big ass castle in Magic Kingdom.
Holden today announced
“I want to go to that castle! That’s Mickey’s castle!”
I had to inform him that he was in fact wrong, and that it was Cinderella’s castle, and she was a princess.
He then gets a scowl across his face and mumbles:
“I don’t want to go to Cinderella’s castle”
I ask him why not
“‘Cause she’s not cute!”

What’s that they say about the apple not falling far from the tree? Just like Daddy,  shallow!

Sunday night we decided to go out to dinner because we had a pretty fantastic coupon for our favorite restaurant (ahem.. MY favorite restaurant). I was still grabbing things from inside the house (read: I had to poop) so I told Thomas to go ahead and get the boys in the car.
As he’s putting Holden in his car seat, Holden happens to notice that i’m not there.
“Daddy, are we leaving Mommy here?”
Thomas tells him that i’m just in the house and i’ll be right out, but Holden thinks about it for a minute and then says
“We’re gonna leave her here. She’s gonna be a street-walker!”

Kids and their literal thinking. Don’t have a car? Walk the street. Streetwalker. If only he knew what he just called me!

As I was taking pictures of the boys, for once they sat in a position where it looked like Parker was nearly in Holden’s lap. They get along just fine, but they rarely sit so close together, making it relatively impossible for me to ever take pictures of them in the same frame.
Siezing the rare opportunity, I start snapping away. Holden, the snuggler that he is, is all over Parker like flies on shit, but for once Parker seemed to be enjoying it.
“Aww, Mommy, I think he likes me!”

The era of Holden announcing that his pecker is hard when he has to take a pee might be coming to a close.
For some reason, even when Holden doesn’t have to pee, he comes racing into the bathroom every time Parker does to celebrate a job well done. Occasionally he inspects Parker’s handywork and then goes about his merry little way.
Last week, he once again came charging into the bathroom after a successful #1 by Parker, takes a long hard look at the pee in the potty, and says
“That’s a big waste of pee.”
I was confused by this statement- not that it’s unusual to be confused by the things Holden says but this was pretty out there. What did he expect, Parker to channel Bear Gryllis and drink it?
A few minutes later when Holden decided he too had to drain his tank, he announced:
“Mommy! I have a little bit of pee to waste!”
He’s been doing it ever since.

Tonight while we were tucking him into bed, he asked Thomas
“Why do you keep shaving if you keep cutting yourself?”
Thomas responds with that if he doesn’t shave, he’ll have a mustache like his (Holden’s) grandaddy
“You should stop shaving so you can have a bow!”
What’s a bow you might ask?
he points to Thomas’ adams apple
“A bow!”
Can you imagine? it would hit the guido circuit hard. Now they can look fancy without having to actually accessorize! You know how they love to manscape.

Yup. That’s my kid. Can’t say i’m surprised- look who he came from.

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