Have you done your taxes yet?

It’s that time of year, tax time! It can be a happy time for some people, as you might just get a big fat check, and a not so happy time for others who end up owing money back. Either way, it has to get done- trust me when I tell you that you don’t want the IRS breathing down your neck.

In the past i’ve used a bunch of different services and people to have my taxes done. I’ve had my Dad do them by hand, as when I was younger it was simple and straight forward. I’ve gone to H&R block and paid a slightly ridiculous amount of money to have it all taken care of for me, and i’ve used tax software… or more like Thomas used software for filing taxes and did our taxes himself. Personally I liked that option the best. It’s easy, it’s relatively fast and only slightly confusing, and it’s pretty cheap.

Even though the return deadline is a little ways away, if you still find that you just can’t get everything together on time to finish your taxes- do not fret. You can file tax extension electronically. If you are approved, that will give you until October 17th to finish your taxes without having to worry about any penalties. Tax time doesn’t have to be so stressful after all

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