Family. Can’t live without’em, Can’t…Live without’em.

I’ve made no attempt to keep it a secret that throughout the course of this blog i’ve had issues with my family. Not just one side, but ALL sides. I’ve written things that were taken out of context, or hurt feelings when I didn’t intend to… so other than random blogs about my brother and other happy family things- i’ve steered clear of family blogs to avoid any more problems. Above all else, I love my family. I hold no grudges about anything that may have happened. Family is family, they will always be that, and I will always need them and want them in my life.

Still, i’ve always felt like my little family unit has been the black sheep of the whole crew. At times it feels like we’re left out of things when we want to be included which has hurt our feelings when that probably wasn’t the intention.
Today I got a nice surprise in the family area.

Since we’re leaving for Disney on Easter Sunday, I knew we’d have to miss my Dad’s Easter get together. Something i’ve been going to every single year for as long as he’s been married to my step mom. At first it didn’t really bother me. I thought going to Disney would be a great Easter for the boys, and missing the dinner and the Easter egg hunt wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

The more I thought about it though, the more I was sad about missing it. Holden LOVES Easter egg hunts, loves being around the family in general. Last year Parker was a lump and couldn’t participate in the hunting for eggs, this year would be the first year he could actually participate. Missing it would seem sort of unfair to them.

I started thinking about going and buying them candy and filling our own eggs and having an Easter egg hunt in our own yard the Saturday before we left so they would still be able to have a hunt even if it was by themselves. When my Dad was over visiting on Tuesday I brought the idea up to him and he seemed to think it was a good one, so I thought we were sold on the whole thing.

Today I got a call from my step mother. I couldn’t answer, as I was in the midst of 3 toddlers going absolutely batshit insane, but she left a message. In it she said that they were planning on moving the annual Easter get together and hunt up to the Sunday before Easter so that we’d be able to come. I called my Dad to confirm, and sure enough- that was the new plan. I was touched! It wasn’t just for us, but for other family members who had other places to be on Easter Sunday, but just the fact that we had been considered in changing something that had never been on any other day before was really sweet.

Now my boys get to have their cake and eat it, too. Easter egg hunt and Easter dinner with the family, AND an Easter trip to Disney- it just doesn’t get better than that. I can not imagine how many pictures from the month of April i’m going to accrue. I don’t know if my sad stupid little laptop can handle them all!

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