Duped by Disney

I hope no one is tired of reading about our trip to Disney next month… ’cause i’m betting from here to now there will be a large amount of blogs dedicated to just that. Bear with me! At least it’s something good finally happening and not something bad that i’d be repeatedly bitching about… even though my anger is slightly amusing.

All the tickets are bought and hotel booked. Everything is in pretty good order honestly. Things should be smooth sailing. Really smooth sailing!

Wednesday night, I have no idea what Thomas or I were looking for, but we were browsing the internet for pictures of where we’re staying (in the animal kingdom) and came across the floor plan for our room. I don’t know what it is we thought we booked… but what we saw was not what we expected. We had booked a “deluxe studio” thinking it would be a big enough room for the 4 of us to stay in… totally overlooking the word ‘studio’, and the Disney website never showed us pictures of the actual floor plan itself, or gave us dimensions. The picture we saw was of a 316sqft room. Meaning the boys would literally be sleeping right next to us. How could we adults stay awake after the kids are in bed if we are in such close quarters? Our room wasn’t that exact one, so we started looking around more and found out that deluxe just gives you an extra 50 sqft. The Disney site had made the room sound a hell of a lot bigger, and made it sound like we had a kitchen in the room. We didn’t.

Instantly we panicked. Just didn’t see how that could work. After long days in the park, the boys are going to NEED rest, and as much of it as they can get. We slept on it, and after a day of thinking it over we knew we had to upgrade our room to the 1 bedroom. With Easter being one of the busiest times of the year for Disney, we weren’t sure they’d have anything available, and we honestly weren’t even sure we’d be able to afford a larger room.
We crossed our fingers and called disney that night. 20+ minutes of terrible hold music later and we were told there were NO larger rooms available in the entire hotel, we’d have to keep calling back and hope for a cancellation.
So… Disney’s website duped us, and then sold out. Great!

I don’t give up that easily. I insisted we call back the next night and try again. Lo and behold, the lady on the phone told us she had NO idea what the first person we talked to was looking at- but she pulled up empty 1 bedrooms immediately. The price of the upgrade nearly made me crap though. It was far more expensive than i’d expected. I don’t even want to tell you how much- but it was nearly everything I had saved for spending so far. Unless we wanted to give up our view of the Savannah- that would be a lot cheaper- but I didn’t want to do that, so I sucked it up and paid it.

I may not have willingly agreed to babysitting Preston, but that money alone is going to save us. Without that, the upgrade would have bee impossible and we’d have been stuck in the studio room.

Now we can rest easy knowing that everyone should be able to go to bed when they want to without disturbing anyone else. Whew!

So a note to anyone booking through the Disney website: Look up floor plans FIRST! What you think you are getting is probably not what you’ll actually get. They can make a box sound like the Taj Mahal.

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