A clogged colon

Poop, never fails to confuse me in this household. One week it’s the runs, the next it’s constipation. Usually it’s Parker having the issues, as Holden is a once-a-dayer almost like clockwork.
Right after lunch he sits down and lets one fly. Parker has never quite been so predictable, and other than the stomach flu- has ALWAYS had a congested ass. Days without pooping, rock hard poop, rabbit poop- all the different kinds of hard poop you can imagine- he’s had it.

Holden’s colon must have been feeling left out, because it’s been acting very similar to Parker’s lately. I don’t know what’s up with him, but lately he’s been hoarding his poop. Refusing to go until he literally cannot hold it anymore.

It first started with him not going for a day or two and then both Thomas and I noticing him standing with his knees locked together, swaying ever so slowly back and forth. We rushed him to the bathroom, but nothing came out. He just sat there crying about it. What we did find was liquid in between his checks. Foul smelling liquid.
He went to bed that night without relief, and when he woke up the entire room smelled like the inside of a port-o-potty at an all you can eat Indian buffet. He had leaked crap out of his ass while sleeping and then proceeded to sleep in it for the rest of the night… leaving a layer of crusty crap permeating his skin for hours. His butt broke out in hives. It was just that bad.

That day we went to my brother’s house for dinner, still no poop from Holden, and once again saw him doing the knee-locked sway. This time once we sat him on the potty, I guess his stomach had finally completely filled itself with shit to where it could contain no more, and it released… in the longest, THICKEST poop log I have EVER seen. Not just from a child, but from any grown adult. I have never seen anything like it and hope not to again. It was so big that Thomas thought he had to take a picture of it, I guess for proof in case no one believed us about its sheer mass.

He’s done that (and the ass leakage) three times now. Tonight he decided to scream on the toilet for a good half an hour before finally calming down and letting it out.

I honestly can’t figure out how such a small person can get out such a HUGE crap. And it’s not just him- it’s Parker too. The poops are honestly the sizes of their forearms, and twice as long. How does that happen? How is it physically possible for a hole to stretch that big??

Our pediatrician suggested Miralax for Parker… i’m thinking Holden needs a dose or twelve of it too.

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  • Oh Jenny, I know the pain! Collin (and now Bailey) have been suffering with the same severe constipation. With Bailey, she does the knee lock sway as well, and I have to lay her on her back, un do her diaper but keep it under her then press her knees to her chest as if I’m trying to break her in half to get it out.

    Collin being potty trained is harder! We’ve been suggested to do miralax and milk of mag, daily for a MONTH, to help him reform his habits. He is still suffering, and I too have had to take a picture here or there considering I’ve never seen a log that fat and long EVER let alone from a child. I swear, it could have been both his femur bones fused together that thing was so massive. 🙁

    So yea.. totally know the pain.

  • Ahh so then you’re probably familiar with the “reach IN and pull OUT” maneuver as well!

  • yikes! What has been seen cannot be unseen!