Busy busy bee

I’m not quite sure how I manage from having nothing going on to biting off WAY more than I can chew.  I seem to have a knack for putting everything off until the last second and then deciding it ALL has to be done at once.

It’s not as if my normal life is completely dull. I of course have my 2 boys, and then 3 days a week I have a 3rd. I have this blog that i’ve committed to writing every single night without fail, and sometimes there are the paid blogs and there are ALWAYS a million surveys to do.
It used to be that I could take a night off from surveys- but with Disney, i’ve now committed myself to doing every single one in my inbox in order to make as much spending money as possible. For emergencies, and because we stupidly just realized that- DUH- tips aren’t included even if our meals are paid for. Oblivious is my middle name.

There’s the yard sale to prepare for, tables to borrow, prices to set, ads to put out (on Craigslist for free of course).

There’s my Dad’s Easter get together to go to.

And then there’s the book. Ohhhh yes, the book. While I still think the editing process is a tedious bitch, i’ve gotten to the point where i’ve gotten on a roll with it. I’m about half way through hand editing, and while i’m reading my own work, of course there are some things that had to be MAJORLY changed, but i’m starting to realize just how good I think it is. And i’m my own worst critic at ALL times. Because i’m not sitting here crapping all over my writing as I usually do, it just makes me want to finish the book more- which means more work, less free time.
I also have pretty much decided on self publishing through Amazon in hopes that solid sales just from me alone will show a publisher that my book is worth taking on for widespread publication- which adds even MORE work load. By going that route, ALL the editing is on me. There’s not going to be anyone to tell me outside of friends if what I have is good or bad, and it’s hard for someone who is your friend to be a biased reader. I have to design the cover, design the layout of the book and the size. It’s ALL ME> A huge undertaking, but i’m actually pretty excited about it. And I don’t want to sit on my hands this time. While I don’t want to rush to complete the book because I know it needs work and I don’t want to be missing things- I can’t wait to get it done! And the sooner it’s done the better.

If all of that wasn’t enough, I also agreed to read a friend’s screenplay- which I do not mind doing in the slightest (and it helps that it’s good)- but it’s just one more thing to put aside time for in my days. It was a fair trade, I read yours, you read mine (though i’d have read his regardless)- and it came with positive results. I figured if I could get a guy to like a book that talks unabashedly about swollen vaginas and baby shit, that I had something pretty special… and from what he says, he loves it. He even called me the “Eminem of Mommy Blogging”- which I have NEVER heard before, but take as a compliment.

All of these things and a Disney trip! I’ve never felt so busy!

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