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Finally the time has come. I know it really hasn’t been that long since I started writing my book, but it’s felt like an incredibly painstaking task to put it all together how I wanted it to be, and how I wanted it to sound because I was so particular about the details and my vision…. but it’s DONE!

Well… the rough draft anyways. There is still SUCH a long way to go. I need to edit, re-edit, take things out, add things in where ideas or thoughts need to be fleshed out. Remove redundancy, since I know there’s a lot of it. I find the editing process to be a painful one. Very painful. By nature I am an indecisive person, and it was hard enough to narrow down the blogs and my thoughts on what to write enough to put the rough draft together and to have somewhat of a guideline of how long I wanted the book to be. If I put in ALL of the blogs i’d wanted originally… I can’t even guess how long the book would be. And I know some of the ones I put in there are gonna have to go in order to not drone on and on- and that’s going to be tough!

I had Thomas print out the rough draft today so I could look it over and hand edit it, since I find hand writing/editing to be a lot easier than having to painstakingly scroll through page after page on a computer screen- and it actually turns out that the book is about 40 pages shorter than my file on my computer told me it was. That makes the editing process slightly easier. I know now that I don’t have to cut quite as much out, and I have some room to play with if I need to add things in without making the book a billion page novel. It does make me feel like I did a lot less work than I thought, which beats up my sense of accomplishment somewhat.

Unfortunately, the way the book printed out.. or the way Thomas chose to print it out, is going to make editing hard. There’s not as much margin space as i’d hoped for to be able to write in thoughts and edits. It’s slightly confusing to look at- I don’t really know how to describe the strange layout. Not even strange I guess, it printed just like a book would actually be, and not like a draft that needs a lot of work- which I wasn’t expecting.

The book as a whole only took me a little over two months to write, which seems incredibly fast- but I did have a lot of it already written for me thanks to blog entries that I just copied and pasted in. I have NO idea how long it’s going to take me to edit it to what I think is ‘perfection’- good enough to submit it and see if I can get it published. Two more months? Four months? I’d love to say that it’s going to be a fun process to tackle, but really I find the whole thing stressful. The bulk is done, and now I have to make what I have work. Yikes. It is possible that when I go through the book that it won’t read how I had intended, it won’t flow the way I dreamed when I thought of the idea to base the book around the blog. It could suck and I could not be as interesting or as funny as I like to think I am. What if my voice didn’t come through? What if it doesn’t tell the story I thought it did? What if it’s just plain boring?

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again- wish me luck!

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  • Aww, might be late but… Good luck! Only thought I had on the editing thing was to maybe just take some notebook paper and mark numbers on the draft where you want to add something in and just have it listed on the notebook paper! You’ve probably already gotten into a groove with your editing though! Hope all’s well! 🙂