Babysitting = Birth Control

Listen, I don’t want every blog I write about my adventures in babysitting to be ‘shit on Preston day,’ because I know that’s sort of the way it’s coming off. He’s not a bad kid. He has a lot of bad learned habits from daycare, but that aside he’s quiet and sweet.
Here’s the thing: When you put three toddlers with less than 2 years between them (Holden and Parker are only 2 weeks over 2 years apart), it’s going to be rough. There’s a lot of toy tug of war, a lot of attitude, and a lot of tantrum throwing.

The idea of having a third kid has always been in the back of my mind as a MAYBE sometime in the future type of thought. I can’t really picture myself with three though. That’s a lot of kids, a bigger car, a lot of money.

Taking care of Preston has been a wake up call of sorts. Granted, if I had another, they obviously wouldn’t be close in age as the three I take care of now… but I imagine it would be somewhat similar.

All of the hovering I have to do over them, making sure they aren’t fighting or getting hurt… the massive amounts of diapers and simultaneous potty training. The serious amount of food preparation and reminding each of them they need to eat what’s on their plates? I’m just not so sure I want to do that full time. Preston is only here 3 days a week for a couple of hours. If I had a third kid, it would be 24-7… and as of right now that doesn’t seem like such a fun idea.

Maybe when my boys get older and are in school and I have an empty house during the day, not so much on my plate all at once, the idea will seem more attractive to me. I know not to say never… that’s gotten me into trouble before- but as of right now it’s a hell no! I really think i’d have to have completely lost my mind to have another baby any time soon. Or even in the next few years. If I wasn’t crazy, I would most certainly GO crazy.

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