Adventures in Babysitting

Is it strange that I think about every obstacle I have to overcome or every strange thing that happens to me as just another reason to blog? I may not have wanted to take Preston on… but i’m sure having him in the house is going to be another treasure trove of material.

His mom dropped him off bright and early this morning. I wasn’t even out of bed yet and once I heard the frantic knocks at the door I just let Thomas handle the switch over. People seeing me as i’m dragging myself out of bed after a late night is not something they should be exposed to. Scary.

I drug myself out of bed and prepared for the worst.. and honestly it wasn’t all that bad. There was a slew of “MINE”s and “MY TOY”s going down, a habit I am going to break really quickly. Stinginess doesn’t cut it in this house. Other than that? Rather peaceful.
It’s how it always goes isn’t it? You drop your kid off at someone else’s house and they act a million times better than they ever do for you. Preston listened to pretty much everything I said without a lot of incident, no meltdowns, no crying. I thought I was going to have to stop letting Parker take a morning nap because of noise but that didn’t happen either. He slept rather peacefully while the older boys played with legos in the other room.

Our biggest challenge in my opinion is going to be potty training. Preston’s gotten to the age where he’s been pissing himself for so long that it’s just become his normal, and anything else is going to have to be seriously taught over and above potty training a younger child who hasn’t become so accustomed to diapers.

He doesn’t mind going to the bathroom or sitting on the potty… just doesn’t often do anything in it, and then once he’s up instantly pees himself again. I like to think i’m pretty good at potty training kids, but I do worry Preston is beyond my reach. He can’t piss his pants forever, can he?? Hopefully he’ll surprise me, but I get the distinct feeling that it’s going to be a long road and a lot of time spent sitting in the bathroom.

Everything was great until lunch time. I had all three boys sitting down and eating, and my brother apparently could not sleep thinking about Preston being in a new place for the first time (he works night shift and sleeps during the day) so he showed up in the middle of the meal. Instantly there was a change in Preston. He went from happily eating to refusing to touch his food and whining to get out of his chair. Thanks a lot, Biff! He’s not allowed to show up before 12:30 no matter how panicky he is. And over nothing, mind you!

A lot of my concerns have melted away, but some are still here. Although it’s only 3 days a week for a few hours, i’m still just not sure how long it can last. I know eventually Holden and Preston will be going to school, so it won’t be forever that he’s staying here during the day- but I do fear getting burnt out on the whole thing. The entire reason I became a stay at home mom was to spend as much time with the boys as I can… a lot of time that is now monopolized.

I just have to keep my eyes on the prize. More money for Disney! And once Disney has passed, it’s more money for us in general. Money is always a good thing. Ok not always, but in this case, yes.

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