You are not a unique flower!

When the thought popped into my head to sit down and write a book, I had a lot of different ideas swirling around in my head of what it could be about. Of course it was going to have to do with the kids, but it took a little while to come to the conclusion to base it around this blog. I didn’t think it was some new idea that i’d come up with on my own and that there were no other books like it out there, but I definitely didn’t think that the idea had been done a million times before.

It wasn’t until I logged on to my much neglected twitter account and saw a link posted by “Parenting” that Thomas signed me up to follow that I realized just how wrong I was. The link was for an article written about the change occurring with stay at home moms, and how a large portion of “us” have turned to Mommy blogging- a lot resulting in endorsement and book deals. There are well over 10,000 mommy blogs just signed up on one website, can you imagine how many are out there in entirety?

I figured there were a hell of a lot of mommy blogs out there. Any woman who blogs that has kids, even if the blog doesn’t primarily focus on parenting can be considered a mommy blog. I just had absolutely no idea that so many people had the same idea as the premise of a book as me. It’s a tad discouraging to be perfectly honest. I thought I was at least a little unique in my idea, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all! I don’t want to be just “one of the many”, and to have my premise be so played out that no publisher will want to take me on and release my book.

I’ve never read any of these Mommy blogging books, so I have no idea the stories behind them or how they read- so I guess it’s quite possible that while the platform of writing a book based on a blog has been done many times before, that doesn’t mean that my book will read anything like theirs. Maybe my humor and the bullying I experienced because of the blog will be enough to make my book… special. I sure hope so!

So many hours and so much thought has been put into my book already (260 pages worth so far to be exact that i’d feel very disappointed for nothing to happen with it just because it’s not something that’s never been done before.

I guess I have to finish it and put it out there to find out for sure though.

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