Yet another contest

Only this time i’m not advertising it.. i’m actually entering it! I enter sweepstakes and contests sometimes if the mood strikes me, but in general the ones I advertise on the blog I somehow forget to enter in myself. Story of my life.

This morning I was watching Regis & Kelly, as i’ve recently gotten into the habit of doing. They’ve been saying for the past week that they’d have a huge announcement coming today. The last huge announcement they had was announcing Regis’ retirement, so I figured this would be maybe him doing some night time special every now and again.. or something of that nature.

Not so much. Today they announced that they’ve given away everything from vacations to cars- but this time they’d be giving away a HOUSE. You read that right, a HOUSE. Built from scratch, anywhere you want it. All you have to do is submit your story and you’re in.

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog- you know the story behind our house situation. It’s awful- we’ve basically lost our life savings and my inheritance from my mom. We have nothing to show for anything, and are just waiting to be kicked out basically.

I don’t expect to win. I think it will be some person with a story about how their house burnt down and they’ve been living in a shelter. And of course I don’t think i’m more deserving than someone like that- but i’ll never have a chance of winning if I don’t enter- so i’m giving it a shot in the dark. I like to think that i’m a pretty good writer and one of the things they’re looking for in an entry is how well written the story is- so anything could happen.

I’ll cross my fingers and my toes. I hope we win! Even though Thomas and I made a stupid mistake by getting ourselves into this situation in the first place, it’s not my boys’ fault and they certainly deserve a place they can call home.

Wish me luck!

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