Valentines Shmalentines!

I hope you all enjoyed your overly expensive meals at packed restaurants, fattening chocolates, over the top jewelry and pointless sinus clogging floral arrangements. Me? I prefer to opt out of Valentines day!
The thought behind it is nice, I guess. Show your loved ones you love them.. by spending absorbent amounts of money, and usually you’ll disappoint them because people are superficial and selfish!
Ok, no, really.. The loved ones part is nice, I just don’t agree with all the gifts. There’s so much other more important, more useful things I could be spending my money on than stupid trinkets and flowers that will makes my eyes itch, nose run, and then die in 7 days. The chocolates are nice though.

So instead of all of that crap, i’ve been reminiscing, as I tend to do, about my past few Valentines day (or the days right around it).

Watching the Grammys last night, I once again remembered where I was even just a few short months before getting pregnant with Holden. Working on my music career, totally focused on getting a record deal and making music my career and not just something I could only afford to do on the weekends. I thought back then, that by now- I wouldn’t be watching the Grammys on TV, but that i’d be there. My all-time goal was always to win a Grammy, it was my dream.

Priorities change of course, and i’m not sad about it. I don’t regret the path I chose. The past few Valentines days didn’t exactly go as I thought they would, though.

There’s 2 years ago, where on Feb 13th I found out I was pregnant with Parker and spent most of the next day crying about it. Then the next after that he was horribly sick, and now this year- healthy kids, thank goodness, but sitting on the touch watching where I thought i’d always be by 27 years old.

It’s funny how these things work out, don’t you think?

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