Therapy Downgrade

Every Tuesday morning at 10am, Parker has occupational therapy to try and get him up to speed with other kids his age when it comes to eating and drinking. I’ve gotten used to it, Holden’s gotten used to it, and so has Parker. Parker who rarely if EVER warmed up to anyone other than immediate family, loved his therapist. LOVED HER. I think she’s become a safety blanket for all of us.

Over the past few months he went from INCREDIBLY far behind, to only being slightly far behind. It doesn’t seem like a huge improvement, but we knew from the beginning it would be a long road to get him up to speed, and maybe he’d never quite eat all of the things or the quantity as other kids his age- but we were damn sure going to give it our best shot!

After a few months of therapy, it was time for our case manager to come to the appointment this morning so assess if Parker has met all of the goals we set at the very beginning, and to decide where to go from here.

She observed Parker and interacted with him, and asked both the therapist and I a bunch of questions about where Parker is, and when he met certain goals (I am so not good with dates, I got confused), and after her evaluation she popped out with her determination based on her findings: Parker only needs therapy twice a month now instead of once a week. He’s met and exceeded most of his goals that we had originally set.

I agree that he has met most of his goals, but I know that he still has a VERY long way to go to be caught up. I was a little sad about her determination, and I probably could have said “no” and insisted he still be getting therapy once a week instead, but I decided to go with the flow and see what happens. I think my sadness more came from my attachment to the therapist.We love having her around, and having her opinions on what we have been doing and what we could be doing to help him instead of trying to figure it out on my own. It gets very confusing and frustrating trying to figure out which move is the right move to make when it comes to a child with sensory issues.
Her presence and voice alone is reassuring to have around, because I always know if i’m taking the right steps- and now we won’t have it around as often and I fear being very confused without her here as often to confirm that for me.

Of course it’s good to hear that Parker is doing so well, and to have them tell me that i’m doing all of the right things and no longer require so much guidance… but it’s hard to be more on my own now when it comes to decision making. What if I take the wrong step and backtrack him? I guess I have to really step up and be more confident- it’s clear that I haven’t been doing so bad when the therapist isn’t here, I just need to really believe that and keep plugging along.

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  • I agree with that last paragraph. I know it’s hard not to have them holding your hand when you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing but they do (since they’re therapists and all)

    but really, you’re the mom and you’ll know what to do for him just like you’ve always done. I’ve got faith in you

  • thank you! I will just keep doing what I feel is right, and if it doesn’t work out- I can always call them and we can go back to weekly therapy. But i’ll never know unless I try! And I will try, for sure