I’ve always taken somewhat of an issue with kids creating unhealthy attachments to foreign objects It really leads to nothing but heartache and sleepless nights once it’s time to get rid of those things. Pacifiers, thumbs, blankies, stuffed animals- I am not fond of any of them!

As parents though, sometimes we do what we have to to make our kids happy.. or to just stop the screaming for FIVE minutes.
I’ve been there. As much as I didn’t want to, with Holden’s terrible case of reflux the only thing that ever really seemed to soothe him was a pacifier. He LOVED that thing. He would have sucked it all day every day had I allowed him to, but once he started crawling I took that sucker away other than for when he was sleeping- because by that point he’d grown to love it so much that he could NOT sleep without it.

I don’t think we got him fully detached from that stupid thing until he was almost 2, and it was a pretty rough road to get it done.

After that, you would think I would NEVER give another kid a pacifier- but as I said, sometimes you have to use one to calm your child and save your sanity. Reflux kid #2 and I was DESPERATE for Parker to take a friggin’ binky. It didn’t happen.. instead he created an intense attachment to his thumb, which in my book is about a thousand times worse than a pacifier- because at least you can take those away!

Along with that unholy union came an obsession with tags, blankies, stuffed animals- and ESPECIALLY stuffed animals with tags. And his boppy, how can I forget the boppy obsession. Many a time i’ve caught him pulling that thing off the couch and then curling up with it on the floor, thumb in mouth.

There is one thing that beats all others. A stuffed bear my Dad brought to us in the hospital when Parker was born, thinking I was only just going into labor but in actuality, Parker was already out and screaming.

That bear has been in his crib since birth, and he never paid too much attention to it until lately. EVERY morning for the past 2 months or so we’ve gone into his room to get him and he’s been clutching it tightly, even insisting it come out of the crib with him while he gets his diaper changed. It has earned the name “Snuggler” because that’s what he’s always doing with it. Usually, he’ll toss it back in once that’s done no problem… but for the past week he’s refused to release his grip on it. He wants it with him ALL THE TIME, and if you take it away he goes into full meltdown mode.

In order to avoid such a thing happening again, yesterday morning Thomas just let him have it. He carried it around while I made breakfast, and had his hand securely fastened around its neck all throughout breakfast.
He finally handed it over when I asked, but when I made it wave “bye bye” to him, he panicked. Walked to his room and screamed while he attempted to pull it back out of his crib.

That bear is his binky, and it drives me bananas. I don’t know why he suddenly got SO attached to it, but it seems impossible to break him from it other than to just take it and never let him see it again… but being the enabler I am, and not wanting to see him sad, it’s still in his crib, and i’m sure i’ll have to fight with him over it again in the morning.

Even that doesn’t bother me as much as the thumb. That damn thumb. No matter what I do he just pops that thing back in his mouth. That thing may take amputation to stop the attachment.

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