Smothering brothers

Ever since I found out I was pregnant with yet ANOTHER little boy (and i’m talking about Parker, no I am NOT PREGNANT AGAIN), one of my biggest hopes and wishes was that they would become best friends. Not just best friends, but THE best of friends.

I’d hoped that one would keep the other busy so I could at least take a piss by myself once a week.

By now I think it’s safe to say that I definitely got my wish. Holden certainly never reacted to Parker the way my brother reacted when I was brought home from the hospital (he hit me). Instead, i’d say Holden has been almost the exact opposite. He likes Parker SO much that he never leaves him alone. And this was great when Parker was an infant because he loved having people, or at least someone, near him at all times to keep him entertained since he couldn’t entertain himself. Now that Parker is older and more territorial, and armed with some sensory/personal space issues- Holden constantly being within 2 inches of him like a mouth breathing stalker has caused quite a ruckus in this house.

That’s not to say that Parker isn’t equally as obsessed with Holden as Holden is with him. He follows Holden around like a lost puppy dog. If Holden gets up to go into another room to play with God knows what, Parker (who is now full time walking) pops up and hobbles after him. If Holden climbs up on the couch, Parker climbs up on the couch. If Holden has to pee, Parker has to pee. With the BAD influence comes the good I guess.

Where you’ll find one kid, you will find the other 95% of the time.

That being said, it would seem like they have no problem being around each other CONSTANTLY, and they should be used to it by now and there should be no ‘arguments’- but I swear, at least 5 times I day I have to break up “fights” between them.

There is a specific… and awful sound that emanates out of Parker when Holden is in his face and he doesn’t want him to be. I hate that sound. It is Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dumber” kind of obnoxious and loud. You hear that sound and instantly you just want to start throwing things. Generally I hear that sound while i’m in the middle of washing dishes, and without even having to walk into the other room.. I know exactly what’s going on. Holden is talking jibberish within half an inch of Parker’s face, or has snatched a toy and tried to replace it with another (and Parker is just too old for that trick to work anymore). My head hurts by the end of the day from shouting across the house “STOP IT!” or “GIVE IT BACK!” or “LEAVE HIM ALONE!”, and usually it’s the latter.

It’s either that awful sound or crying. If you hear Parker crying, I can almost guarantee you it’s because of something Holden did. Perhaps he took a toy, perhaps he knocked Parker over, ran over his fingers with a car, climbed somewhere Parker couldn’t get- or he could and couldn’t get down or fell off.

I realize at this point i’m making Holden out to seem like a big mean bully- but that’s really not the case. He just loves VERY intensely. And he loves Parker a LOT. He tries to play with him the way he wants to play and doesn’t understand Parker is too small or too clumsy. He also does not respect personal space at ALL, and occasionally gets a smack in the face from Parker. Holden doesn’t do any of this out of malice (other than the toy snatching), but out of love.

And Parker can give it just as good as he takes it, but Holden is just a little too old to grunt or cry when Holden snatches something from him. He tattles instead.

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