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Let’s face it, I have not had much luck with getting professional photos taken of my family. I’ve had downright TERRIBLE luck.
The first time I was pregnant with Parker, and a childhood ‘friend’ took maternity/family photos for free to use for her portfolio… and then decided one day to block me from her Facebook and never give me any of them no matter how much I pleaded, or how many people asked her about it.

I was so pissed after that I decided to buy my own nice camera. I’ll take their pictures myself! Only I didn’t quite realize just how expensive DSLRs are, so I had to buy the step down from that. Not that my camera is bad, but no matter HOW good I get at toggling the manual settings I don’t think the quality will be that of a nice DSLR. Or maybe I just suck really hard and lack the motivation to really learn how to use my camera correctly.

Once I realized my pictures weren’t coming out as good as I wanted, I once again turned to a professional photographer. Another working on their portfolio. We set up the time, it got canceled… and then she stopped returning my emails.

Burned again!

One would think i’d just give up after that, but I always see amazing pictures posted on Facebook of my friends’ kids and I still so desperately want some of that quality done of my own to blow up and plaster all over my house.

I suppose I should stop looking into getting them for free because it never works out for me and suck it up and pay for someone to do them… ’cause I think a photographer would be much less likely to screw me if it was a paid service- but then again you never know.

Any suggestions out there for a local photographer with affordable pricing who WON’T either refuse to give me the pictures taken or never actually take any pictures at all?

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