No, i’m not watching the game

The only thing I would choose watching the Superbowl over doing is going to the dentist for a root canal. I hate football. You would literally have to PAY me to watch the stupid Superbowl.
All i’ve heard for the past WEEKS is talks about this team and that team, superbowl this, football that. Green and yellow, black and yellow. All over TV, all over my friggin’ Facebook.. and all I can think is MAKE IT STOP!

No, we are not watching the Superbowl. What about Thomas? Have I banished him to someone else’s house or a sports bar? Nope. I got lucky enough to marry someone who hates football almost as much as I do, but my hatred started much earlier.

Growing up, instead of the Superbowl being on the first Sunday in February, it was on the last Sunday in January.. so every few years it would land on my birthday. I have memories of being dragged to Superbowl parties on my birthday, and sitting in a room alone while everyone watched the game in the other room. That’s definitely one way to sour the Superbowl.

Honestly though, I just have no interest in watching big sweaty dudes throw a ball back and forth for hours. Not even funny commercials could make me sit through that. I’d rather skip the whole thing and catch the commercials on Youtube, if they even interest me enough to do so.
Having two little boys in the house, you might think that when they get older, THEY will want to watch the big game.. and all I can say is I HOPE NOT. I’ll have to lock myself in the bedroom. Nothing sounds more torturous than that.

I’ll be glad when tonight is over and my Facebook page goes back to regular old drama instead of football scores and bitching about players i’ve never heard of.

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