Mr. Manners

To me it was always important, from a very young age, to teach Holden good manners. Why? Well, to put it nicely, I was a super brat when I was a kid.. and now I realize the errors of my way. Plus I see bratty kids everywhere, screaming at the tops of their lungs things along the lines of “GIMME!!!” and “MINE!!!”
The thought of having a kid like that gave me nightmares. Sure, they all have their moments, but why not have less of them if at all possible?

As soon as Holden started speaking things out of the repeating syllable realm, I would remind him that he should say please, thank you, or you’re welcome. Not that he could say them at the time.. but the repetition definitely did it’s job. He is a pretty polite kid if I do say so myself!

I do about 50% of the time have to remind him to say please… I don’t know why, he seems to just think he’s entitled to everything, but he always says thank you. About a year ago, if you didn’t say “you’re welcome” fast enough, he’d remind you to. Which I suppose is not so polite. Now he waits an adequate amount of time for you to respond, and that’s good because the kid gives out thankyous in lightning speed.

Now, I am not sure where he’s been picking things up lately, but i’ve heard him say polite and strangely grammatically correct little things here and there that I definitely never taught him. I’m a fan of grammar but i’m not a huge stickler for a 3 year old. If you just ask instead of snatching, i’m pretty pleased.. so I know these nuances did not come from me.

“May I go and get some milk?”
The first time he dropped that one on me, I did a double take. I had teachers in school who used to attempt to correct every student who asked “can I?” with “you can, but may you?”- i’ve never done that. I don’t even think I myself speak that properly. It’s very strange to hear it come out of Holden’s mouth when he’s been running around all day calling everyone a variation of “butt” (silly butt, stinky butt, muffin butt, etc).

The past two weeks or so, whenever he talks about himself with another person, he starts the sentence with “____ and I”.
“Parker and I want to go play in his room.”
“Parker and I were just chasing each other!”
“Daddy and I were in the bathroom!”

Again, it just strikes me as odd. Another thing that I don’t think I toss around in my usual repertoire when i’m home alone with the boys. Or maybe I do and I just don’t notice it. I really don’t know, but I do know when I heard it I couldn’t believe he was saying it.

This from the kid who puts an ‘ed’ on the end of things that definitely don’t need it. “choked-ed” “coughed-ed”, those aren’t exact examples (because it’s Friday and my brain is practically fried), but close enough to make the point. He isn’t exactly the best with properly saying words or putting totally coherent sentences together. He talks in circles. I don’t know where these sudden moments of complete grammatical accuracy and politeness came from.
Parker doesn’t speak real words but he at least gives me a snuggle when he whacks me in the face. That’s as close to polite as he’s going to get for a while.

It’s probably too much TV. Guess now I can’t use the argument that TV rots my kids brains!

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