Moving right along (a book update)

There are a lot of things I say i’m going to do.. and just never finish because I am a procrastinator by nature, and I lack motivation to finish the projects I start. I have HUNDREDS of pictures printed out, and empty albums that I swore i’d fill and just never did. Empty frames. There’s all the times I swore i’d eat fewer cookies but still I bake them fresh every night. And of course there’s the record deal I swore i’d get but just sort of lost the fire for (but I really consider that more of not knowing the right people than a total lack of motivation).

With the book I wanted to write, I did NOT want to have the same thing happen. I didn’t want to crap out half way through and never finish it. Just have it be some project I began with no intention of ever finishing. This was something I felt like I had to do for myself, so every day since I started over a month ago i’ve worked on it. Some nights more than others, but i’ve still kept to my goal of working on it WITH full intention of finishing it.

Right now the book is at 200 pages. I know, it seems like a lot. When you consider that over half of if is copied and pasted blog posts, it’s really not all that much.
My plan was never for it to be this HUGE book that no one could ever get through.. but I took Thomas’ suggestion of just putting everything in and then editing it out later if need be. I’m not sure now if that was a good or bad idea.. since I have a feeling i’ll need to edit a LOT once i’m finished with the rough draft.

I’m over halfway through with it, and i’m at the part of the book now that should be the easiest to write (and the part that i’ve been told by friends they’ve most wanted to read)- but am having the most difficulty getting through. It’s a lot of pressure, especially for a perfectionist like me. That’s probably why I never finished any other projects- because I always want them to be absolutely perfect and find it to be too overwhelming and quit.

My biggest worry is just that i’m adding TOO much. Sure, it’s good not to have to go back and add things in since it’s hard to get back into the exact dates in the blog i’m working on- but taking things out and editing down is going to be extremely hard as well.

I have no editor to tell me what to add in and what to keep out, and i’ve never written a book before- so i’m going totally off of instinct when it comes to my writing. My own vision, my own view of how it should be and how it should read.. and I really have no idea if it’s good enough, funny enough, ‘touching’ enough. No idea if the blogs i’m adding in are extraneous or not the best ones. It’s ALL me, and that’s the hardest part.

Regardless of setbacks, the book WILL get finished. I promised that to myself and i’m going to make it happen. And it seems as though it will be finished sooner rather than later with how far i’ve gotten and how little I really have left to write.

Whether or not it will get published is another story though!

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