Mmmm, garlic knots

Tonight, after much rescheduling due to sick children, I FINALLY got my birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant. It was absolutely delicious and the boys had a really good time too.

It got me thinking, a year ago on the same day Parker was incredibly sick. We were going from appointment to appointment trying to figure out what was wrong and how to get him feeling better. Our lives were consumed with taking care of him, making sure he was ok. It’s a far cry from our dinner tonight.

Hard to believe that experience was a year ago, because it honestly feels like just yesterday.Maybe it has something to do with that Parker is still having issues because of everything he went through back then.. but i’m still paranoid about taking him out and germs and him getting sick like that again.

I never imagined a year ago that we’d still be dealing with the after effects of RSV today, and I often wonder what our life and his life would be like now had he never caught it.. or even if he’d just not gotten it as bad as he did. Would he have all of his eating issues? Would he weigh a lot more? Would his personality be different? It’s pointless to wonder about it because obviously we can’t go back and change anything that happened- but it’s been such a traumatic and awful part of our life that I think it’s impossible not to.

My birthday this year still wasn’t all that fabulous, what with the stomach flu and the week of shitting and puking going on- but i’d take that over RSV any day.

I’d planned a longer blog tonight but my computer is once again being a stupid whore so I have to cut this short before it decides to completely lock up for the third time and I throw it against the wall.

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