For my California friends

Since I used to live in California, I know just how pricy the housing market out there is. I could never imagine buying a house in the southern California area- but the market was always hot. Everyone wants to live in sunny southern California.

The area of La Jolla is one of the most quickly recovering markets in not only California, but the nation.

With more and more homebuyers out now, especially first time homebuyers, taking advantage of the lower prices and currently low interest rates, soon the homes in La Jolla will see a recovery back to the times of 2005, the ‘good ol’ days’ in home buying. A good sign for the market all around, and good for the economy as well.
Another good place to look at that isn’t quite bouncing back as quickly, but due to that has very low home prices currently is the Palo Alto area.

I’ve been to the San Diego area once before and really liked it. It’s such a nice area, and would be a dream to live in. People should really start taking advantage of the zero down home loans and think about buying a home before the prices go through the roof again!

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