Cord blood banking, and a free BellyBag!

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During my pregnancies, I kept hearing about the option to bank the boys umbilical cord blood. Unfortunately I didn’t educate myself incredibly well on it, but I always knew it would be a good thing to do. Cord blood is a huge step in stem-cell research (which I fully support). Banking your newborn’s cord blood can help fight against many diseases (God forbid your little one ever gets any). Cord blood is a lot like bone marrow, but a completely non-invasive process to get it.
If your child ever got a disease that needed a transplant, getting matching stem cells are incredibly difficult to get due to matching requirements. Banking your child’s cord blood means they would have those stem-cells immediately.
On top of that, your child’s stem cells have a 1 in 4 chance of matching a sibling, so it could help them as well.

Cryo-Cell is the leading private cord-blood bank. Since 1882, they have helped over 16,000 families worldwide preserve their newborn’s cord blood.

I know it’s hard to put aside money and decide what is important with how strapped we all are for cash these days, but banking cord blood is an amazing gift to give your family and your child.

It’s your baby’s life, so learn more about it now! If you request an information packet and consult with an advisor now, you’ll get a free BellyBag (they are pretty cool!)

Check out www.Cryo-Cell.com or www.Cryo-Cell.net to find out more now.

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