Clean your carpet!

Recently in our house, we had to buy an entire new area rug for our living room because the old one was just SO disgusting, no matter how much we tried to personally clean the carpet, we couldn’t get the stains out. It was too embarrassing to even have in our house anymore.

Had we looked into a company to clean our carpet like the ones you can find at home carpet cleaning service austin, the carpet may have been able to be salvaged. Nothing we did on our own seemed to do ANY good! Not cleaning products, or all the scrubbing in the world.

Even our hardwood floors are looking pretty rough lately. I always wanted to have them cleaned before we moved in, or even totally redone because of the looking at the water damage bothers me.. but now that it’s not our house anymore, I don’t really care. Had we bought the house, I would have had to seriously consider hardwood floor water damage repair austin, now I just care about the carpet we’ll be taking with us when we leave. We should have found the best rug cleaning tips but at the time we weren’t thinking and were looking for instant gratification, so we junked the carpet altogether.
If you live in the Austin area, I recommend checking out TheSteamTeam.com before throwing out your carpet like we did!

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