A bit of a quandary

As questionable as I may be about it, my brother is back together with his baby-mama. They’ve had a rough couple of years, custody crap, child support.. fights.. but he’s always wanted to be with her so I suppose I should be happy for him and hope for the best.

She’s nice, but I do worry it will end up like last time and he’ll be hurting and alone- and I tried to warn him to at least take it slow, but like with everything else… he didn’t listen. She’s already moved in with him.

Due to this change, they no longer need their childcare provider for 5 days a week because my brother will be home and off of work for two of those days. Childcare provider is still insisting they pay for the full 5 days, even if Preston isn’t there for them anymore. Seems like BS to me, and childcare doesn’t come cheap.

In an attempt to save money and make me some- my brother suggested that maybe I should watch Preston for those 3 days instead and i’d get paid instead of her, and my brother and his baby-mama would save 2 days worth. Sounds like a win win doesn’t it?

We need the money, there’s no doubt about that.. we could definitely use the extra income- but I have a lot of reservations.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my nephew.. but he’s not the easiest kid to handle. Probably because i’m not used to him and don’t know his ins and outs like I do my kids. I worry about a huge disrupt in my boys lives. Holden and Preston fight like there is no tomorrow. They like each other, but are constantly snatching things from each other. Preston won’t share, and Holden finds it hilarious to take the thing Preston has and run away with it while Preston screams after him. And Parker just kind of stands around looking puzzled by them both. It’s not our usual day to day. After 10 minutes with all 3 of them today, even with my brother there, I could feel my head start to pound.

And then there’s the question of eating, since Preston likes to refuse to eat anything but chicken nuggets. I have one kid who thinks food sucks, can I handle two? Or can I potty train two kids at once since Preston isn’t potty trained? I’m good, but I don’t know if i’m that good.
Oh, and who could forget about naps?? Holden can usually nap through anything.. or stay in his room anyways- but he likes having Preston around so much i’m not sure I could ever get him settled. Parker naps on me, so if Preston won’t nap in Parker’s room- what do I do?

Lastly there’s the daycare behavior issue. I don’t want to make Preston seem like a huge monster, but I think he’s learned some things in daycare that Holden hasn’t been exposed to. Hitting, slapping, snatching, yelling “MINE!” and i’m a lot concerned of it rubbing off on Holden.

Then again, wouldn’t it be a good thing for Holden to be around other kids his age more often? It would better prepare him for school wouldn’t it?

I don’t know, it’s a lot to consider. It most likely wouldn’t be as bad as i’m assuming after the adjustment phase passed and everyone calmed down and got used to each other. There’s a LOT to consider. As nice and needed as the money would be I just don’t know how good I would be at taking care of 3 toddlers at once. Or how many sanity would manage it all.

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