Beggars can’t be choosers

It’s nothing new to state that Parker is a… weird child. His eating habits, aversions, and sensitivities have been detailed somewhat thoroughly throughout the course of this blog since his birth.

As the days go on, and we work with him more and more on eating, he’s become a little LESS weird about touching food or getting his hands dirty.. which is a huge relief- BUT- we still can’t get him to eat much of anything. We consider it a huge victory when he even TASTES something new. And tasting, while a big step, i’m pretty sure isn’t doing much for his calorie intake!

Most of the problems happen while he’s in a high chair, or any kind of chair. Sometimes I think he just really hates being confined, and if he’s free- he’s much more likely to venture to try something new.

For instance, he may not eat something or even deem it worthy to LOOK at if it’s on his tray waiting for him to eat it during a specified meal time. However, while i’m cooking it? It’s the most interesting thing in the world. He absolutely HAS to be in the kitchen, underneath of me the entire time. He wants to see it, touch it, gawk at it, point at it, grunt at it..
And generally, like a hungry dog under the table- he BEGS for food. He can’t wait. He cries and cries until I stop what i’m doing, cut him a piece of what i’m making, and pop it in his mouth. This doesn’t always go over well, especially if it’s one of the MANY things he refuses to eat (ie; any kind of meat or meat product)- then he gives me a look of disgust and disdain and spits it out onto the floor.
Why did you beg for it if you didn’t want it?? I showed you what I was making, you KNEW what it was you were begging for. Food waster.

Unfortunately trying to slip something to Parker while he isn’t looking in order to get him to eat it (something we used to do with Holden) does NOT work. The kid has a refined pallet. Maybe he’ll grow up to be a world famous chef for the world’s pickiest vegetarian eaters. Good for the future, not so good for now!
Compared to a few months ago, though, where he wouldn’t touch or taste ANYTHING that didn’t come out of a jar (and even that he had a serious problem with), it’s a major improvement. Tasting it is better than not tasting it at all, even if it means cleaning up drool covered food particles from the floor and the tops of my feet.

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