Many times in the past, i’ve purchased home decor and bedding online. You can always seem to find the best deals that way, but i’ve still never been quite satisfied with the prices, the shipping costs, or the selection. Every time I end up settling on something I like, but don’t love.

On the website Bedbathstore.com, you can find just about everything you could ever want pertaining to your bedding needs at incredibly reasonable prices. And their specials aren’t bad either. Free shipping on orders over $75, and 40% off all down comforters.

It’s not just typical bedding they offer. I came across something that I could really use at home- a floor pillow. I spend so much time lying on the floor and playing with the boys that I could really use something to make it a little more comfortable.
Thomas and I had talked about getting lawn furniture so we could sit outside while the boys play, and Bedbathstore.com has really nice Outdoor chair pads for anything we might buy in the future as well.
I’m being honest when I say they have everything- another thing that peaks my interest on their site is their very nice selection of black out curtains, which we desperately need in Parker’s room right now. The Premium Solid Insulated Thermal Blackout Curtain Panel Pair is an ideal choice.

I suggest if you’re on the hunt of low priced, stylish linens or other things of that nature that you check out Bedbathstore.com first.

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