Another ‘What would you do?’

I’ve dealt with plenty of bratty little kids in my day. It’s to be expected! They have attitude, they talk back, sometimes they might take a swing at another kid or give them a nice little push. While none of those things are good things for your kid to do, none of those things are totally avoidable.
Typically, I just let the parent take care of it. The actions of little kids are hardly anything to get upset over because they’re pretty harmless. Small children (and we’re talking 4 and under, really), GENERALLY, in my experience, aren’t doing things to be evil or violent specifically- but usually because they want something that they think is theirs and don’t really know how to get it by use of words.

What do you do when there DOES seem to be a little kid being violent, just for the sake of being violent? And they one they’ve targeted is your child, who is far smaller than them?

Case in point: My brother and I took the boys to the Bounce House today for what is becoming a bi-weekly trip. Usually when we go on a Monday or Tuesday morning the place is empty, which is good for us because when there’s a ton of kids there it turns into a very confusing mad house. Too many kids in a small, bouncy space can lead to accidental head butting and a little bit of shoving to get to bounce/slide/climb first.
I forgot today was Presidents day, and everyone in the entire city other than Thomas got the day off and had the genius idea to visit the Bounce House too.

Everything was going fine and dandy at first. There were a good number of kids of all ages there, but everyone was being pretty kind to each other. We’ve yet to have a problem there with other kids. The more people that filed in.. the more attitude that came with it.

And then along came Satan hiding in a 2 year old’s body with crooked cut bangs and wearing a pink sweatsuit. Parker was happily rocking back on a ratty rocking horse, when up the shedevil came and shoved him as hard as she could off of the horse and into a concrete wall. She then preceded to ignore both he and I as I freaked out and yanked him into my arms to make sure he hadn’t cracked his skull open and climbed onto the horse herself. As she sat there, mindlessly rocking, I could not stop myself from saying to her “NO! You don’t do that to a baby!”
She gave me a blank look, and ran away. Not a care in the world.

Livid could not even begin to describe how I felt. I’ve just never seen a kid walk up to a baby and forcefully shove them onto the floor. Usually when things of this nature happen there’s a whining/grunting type of argument, tugging back and forth, and then a small push. This had absolutely no warning and seemed unusually violent.
Like I said, I don’t regularly make a point of disciplining a stranger’s child, but there was no parent around and I was so damn shocked that I couldn’t help myself.

I brushed it off as a one time occurrence and went about our way.. but not even 15 minutes later she was back for round two.

Parker was pushing around a ride on toy, and like the wind, she came up, shoved him, and snatched it away. Double shock! I looked at my brother and started going off. Never had I wanted to slap a stranger’s kid so badly in my life, and then up walked an adult in the middle of my ranting.
“did she just take that toy from him?”
Uh, ya think?
She then explained to me that she is the aunt, not the mom, and the mom never lets the kid be around other kids.
“I think she’s a little slow”

Choked on my own spit, did she really just say that?? Personally I think the kid is just a violent little brat and has had no discipline, but who am I to judge?

Poor little Parker just couldn’t catch a break. Once that little turd was dealt with, another came along that took EVERYTHING he wanted to play with as he was going for it- and snatched other things out of his hands just to throw them.
WTF is with kids today?? I know mine aren’t perfect, I don’t claim them to be- but i’m proud to say that neither have ever been vicious or violent to another kid. No hitting, no shoving, no taking toys from a baby.
I just couldn’t frickin’ believe it! I’m still sort of wound up about it.

So tell me, what would you have done? Are you the confrontational type to go up to the evil little bugger’s parent and tell them just what their brat has done? Would you have snapped at the turd like I did?
When it comes to disciplining someone else’s kid, someone you don’t know, where do you stand?

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  • If a kid had pushed Jamesen like that, I would have found the parent, told them what they did and said to keep their kid away from mine or I would have an issue. I’ve done this before. Marcus always has kids following him around. Usually they’re little girls who follow to play and are nice, but every once in awhile we get a bully that will not leave him alone and if there’s not a parent there, I FIND the parent and tell them to keep a hold of their child. I guess I can be pretty fierce when I’m pissed. I’ve never had anybody ignore me after I’d have a word with them about their kid

  • I think I need to find my balls when it comes to my kids. I’m SO not a confrontational person, and I dislike a lot of moms and their attitudes when it comes to hearing what their little precious has done wrong- but that crap was unacceptable.