4 years… strong?

If Facebook hadn’t of reminded me last week, I would probably never have remembered that today is Thomas and I’s 4 year wedding anniversary.
I’m not upset with myself for not making a bigger deal out of it.. honestly I don’t really care that much. Is that weird? The anniversary I suppose is something to celebrate, if for nothing more than ‘beating the odds’ since most people get married and divorced faster than a blink of the eyes these days.. but it’s not something Thomas or I have really ever made a big deal out of.

Maybe we just never had the chance since by our 1st anniversary we already had Holden, so there was no grown-up alone time, fancy dinner, exchange of fancy shmancy gifts and lovey dovey talk. We probably went out to dinner and then called it a night- I can’t honestly remember.

On friends anniversaries, I see shmoopy gag-inducing posting going on, “you are the love of my life! Best ___ years ever! I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!” and I cringe. That’s so not me! But I wonder.. was it ever? or have I somehow changed into a crappy spouse who doesn’t make a big deal out of things I should be making a big deal out of? If Thomas got all shmoopy and I didn’t I might have a pang of guilt about it, but he makes fun of the ridiculously sappy Valentines Day jewelry commercials right along with me.

Maybe we just ‘found each other’, the two non saps.. or maybe we’ve just gotten boring in our old age. I’m getting bored just typing about it. It’s not been a rough marriage.. I think we may be stuck in a rut with no motivation to get out of it and join the ranks of lovey dovey shmoopy couples.

No love songs or poems coming from me this year, or probably any year really. Just a .. hey! Another year passed! Here’s to the next!

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