Two peas in a pod

In many blogs i’ve gone on and on about how different my boys become on a daily basis. All the things I thought would be similar but turned out to be wrong. The size, the weight, the teeth..

One thing they definitely DO have in common is their ridiculously strange sense of humor. Two peas in a pod, those two. Partners in crime. That and their ‘psychic sensitivity’.. or at least what seems that way to me. I know, I know. I could be crazy, it could be all in my head.. who knows.

Yesterday I was sitting in the bathroom with Parker waiting for him to do his business, and he kept pointing behind me. Over and over again, just pointing as if something was there. Behind me was the toilet, and above the toilet is a cabinet attached to the wall. Nothing special or unusual, but after the 7th time he really started weirding me out so I did a quick glance behind me and nothing was there, of course. Nothing out of place either. He would not relent though, just kept pointing and grunting.
I couldn’t get the feeling that something was going on behind me, so I looked again. The cabinet door was wide open. It hadn’t been the last time I looked. Or at least not that I noticed.
He stopped pointing after that. Did I just not see that the door was already open, or did the door open while I wasn’t looking and he saw it happening? I may never know.

Today while on the potty, he didn’t have an experience of the paranormal kind, but more an experience of the “i’m spending too much time around my big weird brother” type.

Per usual, he insisted on reading books while sitting on the pot. He has a few different ones in there, but his favorite is a “baby’s first words” book. It has pictures of all different kinds of things. Animals, clothing, foods. Usually he’s obsessed with the animals page because he loves hearing Thomas or I make the sounds the animals make- but today he gravitated toward the fruit page.
He pointed to all the different ones, but got hung up on the banana. He pointed, said “what’s that?” which sounds more like “whazza?”
Thomas and I were both in the bathroom so we said in unison “banana!”
Instantly he looks down at his pecker, points to it, and says “BANANA!”

From that moment on, his pecker became ‘banana.’ The art of naming your ding-dong, or turds something totally absurd is an art that one can really only pick up from a weirdo like Holden.

That from a kid who really doesn’t speak ANY words.. and his pecker is banana. Sigh..
I suppose soon i’ll have to start writing “Parkerisms” blogs along with the Holdenisms blogs I already write with all the weird crap Holden says.

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