That has to be some kind of record

Once in a crazy blue moon I can understand, but being mistaken for a girl twice.. IN A WEEK?? There must be some insane old person collective consciousness going on right now to make them all ridiculously blind, because somethin’ ain’t right!
I still haven’t quite gotten over the last old man who asked if Holden was a “big brother or big sister”.. and then it happens again! How is that even possible to have TWO blog posts in TWO days about the same damn thing happening?

At the most random time, during occupational therapy today, my brother decided to start blowing my phone up. Of course, he wanted to go to the bounce house. I can never say no to getting the hell out of the house during the week, so I agreed.. and as soon as the OT had walked out the door we were scrambling to get packed up to leave.
Of course, my brother who was doing nothing when he started the barrage of calls and texts was not there when we got there. Perpetually late. And of course when I walked in to pay so the boys could play while we waited, I didn’t have my debit card. Thomas did. Sigh.

Enough about my bad luck, that’s no big surprise.

We went out to eat after the boys were done (not happily) playing, my brother’s treat of course since I had no money. Everything was going great. The boys were happy, we were happy, the food was good. What could go wrong??

Out of nowhere an old man approaches. Not nearly as old as the last one, but still an older gentleman. Grandpa material.
Unlike most people, he doesn’t even seem to notice Parker. Instead he looks straight to Holden and Preston and then asks “Two girls or a girl and a boy?”
The question confused both my brother and I. What the hell is he talking about?
I, for the second time, have to inform an old man that my son IS in fact a SON and not a daughter.. and instead of just accepting it and walking away- the fart QUESTIONS me.
“THAT’S a boy???”

Honest to God, i’ve never wanted to break an old person’s hip so badly in my entire life.
You’re not only going to mistake my boy for a girl, but then question me about it?? Screw you, old fart!!

There is seriously something wrong with the world. Holden DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A GIRL! Gah!! If his head weren’t so flat I would shave it!
Ok, no I wouldn’t.. but i’d be tempted!

How has that question not arisen in years.. and suddenly come up twice in the course of just a few days?? His hair has been a hell of a lot longer and no one questioned it then.. now I wonder if maybe they just assumed he was a girl and they didn’t need to ask.

If it happens again I seriously might commit bodily harm to the elderly.

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