Teen Rebellion at 16…months.

It sometimes feels like I have two teenage boys in this house with the amount of testosterone and attitude that is constantly pulsing through it.

The level of back sass and tantrum throwing is outrageous!

Parker is 16 months going on 16, that kid is well beyond his years in ‘tude.
Leg kicking, head shaking, screaming, hand slapping.. he does it all. Next thing I know his diapered ass will be packing a bag and hobbling down the street trying to get away from me. He soon will not allow kisses in public because Mommy embarrasses him. He might just skip calling me Mommy altogether and opt for the dreaded “Mother.”

His only way to take out his frustrations currently is with potty time. He was doing so well, probably just as a show.. and now that he knows it excites me he’s waited until he’s on his WAY to the bathroom to piss in his diaper. Or he’ll sit there for 5 minutes, screaming, and then pop himself off the pot and piss directly on the floor. He gets extreme pleasure from this.

It really doesn’t help that Holden is around to influence Parker’s decisions. Parker looks up to him so much that he wants to do EVERYTHING Holden does, even if it’s bad.

I’ve once again found that bribery is a mommy’s best friend. I bribed Holden with a candy cane today to get him to take a nap instead of loudly talking in his room and attempting to pull curtains off the walls- worked like a charm. Parker is not so susceptible to the bribery just yet.. but i’m working on him.

People always say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach- it’s really no different with little boys.

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