The Shutterfly debacle

As it stands- I think I have the worst luck in the world. If something can possibly go wrong, it generally does for me. Maybe that’s a pessimistic way to look at things- but it’s no joke! I must have walked under a ladder without realizing it.. twelve times.. to get the kind of bad luck I seem to have on a daily basis.

My worst luck always seems to happen with shipping. Anything and everything I order online is either late, or never comes at all. I get overcharged and have to bitch at customer service for a month to get SOME kind of money back, because God forbid they do it willingly. What ever happened to the customer is always right? Apparently, Jenny is always WRONG.

Amazon Prime 2-day shipping? I’ve never gotten it in two days. Not one single time. But at least it always eventually shows up.

Shutterfly is a different story.

For the past year i’ve been saving up my Pampers “Gifts to grow” points in order to get enough to order a photo calendar. Why pay for it if I can get it for free? And I was highly disappointed in my desk sized calendar I got last year from Walgreens. I wanted a BIG one, and the promise of getting one for free from Shutterfly if I could just get enough points to earn it sounded like a good deal. No other reward tickled my fancy.

Right before the new year, as luck would have it, I finally accrued the points to get a calendar from Shutterfly.

I worked on that thing for a week, making sure it was perfect, with the best pictures from every month corresponding for the holidays and birthdays of each month and then put in my order.

I think it was New Years Eve when I was informed that my calendar would be shipping. The small things in life get me excited these days- and I was super amped to get my calendar right at the beginning of a new year, as to not waste the time and energy I put into picking out the pictures for the month of January.
The e-mail confirming the calendar had been shipped claimed I would get it between the 3rd and 7th of January, and also gave me a link to track it as it came through the mail.

As the days went by though, the shipping page never pulled anything up. No confirmation that they’d ever even received the package.

Worried, on Wednesday, I did what anyone would do- and I emailed shutterfly asking where my package was and why there was no shipping information.

I was rudely informed that since it was ‘standard shipping’, there would BE no tracking information, and just to wait until Friday, because it would be there by then!
Why send me a “track it” link if it couldn’t be tracked?
Not only that, but it became very clear that Shutterfly’s customer service is outsourced, not only by the name of the representative, but by the incredibly confusing broken english the message was sent in.
I understand outsourcing, though I don’t agree with it. My experience in the past has proven that it doesn’t work as well though. It always sucks, and they NEVER understand what the complaint is.

Whatever. I waited. Friday came, and so did the mail. Surprise surprise, no calendar.

So once again, I e-mailed customer service. Where is my calendar? You rudely told me last time there would be no tracking and to wait until Friday, but apparently my concerns were correct when I e-mailed you the first time, because it DID NOT COME.


Oh sorry. We’ll make a new one and 2-day ship it to you!

Not good enough. It’s already half way through January, which makes the time I spent on the pictures for the month of January basically a huge waste. I paid 6 dollars in shipping to have to wait ANOTHER week.. because it’s Friday and we all know 2-day shipping on a Friday actually means 4 day shipping. I wanted a full refund.. all of my points back from pampers.

Did that happen? Nope. They decided to just refund what I paid in shipping.. but not in cash, in Shutterfly points instead. As if I wanted to order from them again after they lied to me about losing the first package and then made me wait who knows how long for another- IF it even got sent!

I tried bitching more, but I just got the same garbled responses over and over again.

By that point I was LIT UP. I didn’t think i’d ever get my package. The weekend went by with still no shipping confirmation for the second calendar.

Tuesday rolled around and FINALLY I got confirmation the damn thing had shipped. I’d given up complaining at that point, it was obvious it wasn’t going to do any good. Shutterfly’s customer service sucks. What pissed me off even more is how everyone else said they’d NEVER had problems before with Shutterfly. Why always me?!? Because the US mail system hates me, that’s why.

At least this time there was tracking information.. and I kept on that thing like a fly on shit. It’s projected receiving date was Thursday, by the end of the day, via UPS.

When the regular mail came on Thursday, I was very surprised to see my calendar staring me in the face. Wasn’t it supposed to come via UPS? Maybe they had that wrong, since they had EVERYTHING ELSE wrong.. and then I noticed the shipping date. January 1st. There’s no way this could be the 2nd calendar they claimed to have shipped out.. since they supposedly sent that on January 11th.. UNLESS- and bear with me here- they never actually even sent the first one, and when I e-mailed to bitch, they somehow found it, and THEN shipped it out. It must have already had the shipping label with date on it.

I asked Thomas, who sort-of works in the shipping industry if that was even possible to have happened.. he didn’t think so.

Could it be possible that this was my “lost” calendar, and I may be getting another one from UPS later that day? What are the chances that the lost calendar and new calendar both come in the same day?

Sure enough, around 5pm.. UPS pulls up to my house. I’m scratching my head at that point. It can’t be! It was. Another calendar.

Two! In the same day! The replacement for the lost calendar, and the lost calendar! Who’d have thought??
While I am still incredibly displeased with how Shutterfly handled my complaints- I now think it’s just the US Postal system that hates my guts and insists on crapping on me every time I order something offline.

Even funnier- later that day, as a “thank you for your order” from shutterfly, I received a coupon in my e-mail for a free photo book. Guess that $6.00 gift card will come in handy after all!

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