Potty perks

As much as it surprises me, Parker is full blown into potty training. It’s not even at my suggestion, the kid just WANTS to go.. all the time. With two kids needing my help to use the restroom, it feels like half my day is spent pulling pants down and pulling peckers out and sitting around waiting for them to finish.
Not that i’m complaining, really. It’s great that Parker wants to go to the potty so early.. it’s just frustrating when he wants to go SO often and half the time sits down and pops right back up.

In order to encourage him to actually USE the potty, i’ve started giving him treats every time he actually uses it instead of sitting down for no reason. The only thing we have in our house that Parker sees as a treat are candy canes. He can’t really be enticed by cookies or other treats because he isn’t a fan of food.. but MAN can that kid eat hard candy. He’d eat it all day if you let him- so it’s the perfect reward.
It does pose some unexpected side effects though.

Holden heard me telling Parker that he could have a candycane if he peed or pooped in the potty.. and Holden being Holden, instantly wanted one too. “I want a candycane mommy!”
What am I supposed to tell the kid? No? He is FAR out of getting rewards for using the potty. He’s 100% potty trained, and now just goes because he needs to go and not because i’m bribing him to do so.. but hearing me bribe Parker makes him jealous. He thinks he deserves one too, even if he hasn’t used the potty. If Parker gets a candy cane, Holden wants one. Period.

If I tell him no, what kind of example am I setting? I could possibly be undoing his potty training by refusing to reward him, even if it’s been so long since he needed a reward to go.

We’ve basically reverted in Holden’s pottying. If Parker is going potty, Holden wants to go- just for the sake of getting a friggin’ candy cane. I think I may have opened a can of worms here.

Whatever works I guess! If they can encourage each other to use the bathroom and NOT crap their pants, who am I to complain? It just means I need to take advantage of the after Christmas deals and stock up on candy canes while there are still some left.

Parker only used 2 diapers today, and barely at that.. so it really seems like we’re off to a running start. I can only hope it continues as well, even if it means sugaring my kids up with tooth-rotting candy canes.

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