Once the kids are older

As you’ll read in the blog later tonight, traveling for the fun of Thomas and I is just not on the horizon any time soon. Family vacations seem more our speed for the time being. Once the boys are old enough to stay elsewhere and we have some money in the bank? You’d better believe Thomas and I will be traveling around the world. Maybe not all at once, but a girl can dream.
I have ALWAYS wanted to travel to different parts of the globe. Get away. Fly south for the winter like the birds do (that is seriously a great idea. smart birds)..

Sometimes when the kids are screaming bloody murder I imagine being somewhere, ANYWHERE else. a warm beach? A holiday villas? Or maybe a nice little rental home in sunny Costa Del Sol. The Costa Del Sol villas look SO nice, especially when it’s only 41 degrees outside here right now.

I have dreams, fantasies, whatever you may call them about going SO many places around the world. Rome, Scotland, Australia, Greece.. I want to go to them all! Right now though, Spain is looking mighty fine. I wonder what the weather there is like right now? Perhaps I should stop looking at the Travel ideas for Spain before I begin to salivate

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