Post #1,000!

Ahh it’s finally here, 1,000 posts on this here blog.. and it feels good! Some of them may have been paid blogs- but I can’t make those not count as post numbers, so here it is! 1,000.

When I started this blog, I don’t know that I ever thought i’d make it this far. While I started it partially because I felt stifled on message boards that had what felt like a ridiculously stifling amount of rules and wanted a place to unleash, and partially because I desperately wanted to be bringing in SOME kind of income to our household.

With everything i’ve gone through since starting the blog to now, even i’m surprised I continued it. I’m not sure anyone else who had been put through the same would have kept on as well.

From losing friends because they just couldn’t understand my level of honesty, to people misinterpreting what I wrote as a personal attack when it had nothing to do with them.. to Parker being incredibly sick and having a group of women think they knew better than all the doctors we’d seen calling CPS on me for ‘child abuse.’ There was a lot that happened that really got to me, really made me question whether or not keeping the blog up and running and continuing being honest and open about everything was the right decision to make.

Not that it didn’t have good moments. It’s provided me an outlet for my feelings.. but more importantly it made me realize that no matter what- I know what is best for my children above all else. It showed me that I am stronger than I thought, and nothing anyone can say or think about me will ever change that.

It also made me remember how much I love to write. It may not be playing music- but writing was always a huge part of that. Even before I started playing guitar and really getting into making music, I was writing. Short stories, “fanfiction”, even other blogs. I’ve always been a writer, and it wasn’t until this blog that I was reminded of that.

From a blog that started for monetary reasons- to now I am actually writing a book! That was my big new years resolution. I’ve always wanted to, and now I am. A big leap from why I started but it just feels so natural to write a book about my trials and tribulations as a Mommy Blogger.

I’m very excited about the turn my life has taken thanks to this wonderful and sometimes horrible blog. Who knows if the book I write will ever get published- but it will give me a sense of self and accomplishment I haven’t felt outside of being a parent in years.

I want to thank everyone who has stuck around with me for the long haul. I know this blog doesn’t have a big following, but the ones who do keep coming back and laughing along with me are what helps keep me going. Should also give a big middle finger to all those who tried to ‘bring me down’ so to speak with lies and hateful crap. Too bad for you it didn’t work!

I plan on sticking around and blogging for… ever.

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