Oh, Tabasco!

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Who doesn’t live spicing up every day foods with a little something spicy? I was never really a fan of spicy foods until recently, and while I still don’t like TOO much heat on my food, I do love something that kicks up the flavor just a notch without being overpowering.

TABASCO® Original Red does just that! It’s not about heat, it’s about what heat does for the flavor of your food. It’s the simple combination of salt, red pepper and vinegar and their special aging process that can bring out the best of your food with just the right kick. Most hot sauces add heat just for the sake of adding heat, Tabasco Original Red enhances your food.


Have you ever tried Tabasco on your pizza? Pizza is great just on its own, but adding Tabasco can make it a spicy burst of flavor perfect for the football season, and would make a perfect add on for your Game-Day Party Menu (check out the link for some simple ideas and recipes.)

Spicy flavorful food and football,don’t they go hand in hand? If you’ve never tried Tabasco Original Red on your pizza, I strongly suggest you check out their Pizza Perfected webpage with tons of recipes and ideas to try out for yourself.

Tabasco has been around since 1868, why not trust the sauce that is the most popular and been around for so long instead of some other hot sauce that will do nothing but burn your mouth up?

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