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While sifting through the massive amount of old blogs for the book, there’s some things i’ve mentioned like how different the boys are- but only one thing that struck me as a little bit hilarious (that wasn’t supposed to be).

When I first started this blog, I was writing a blog a night, and MAYBE 1-2 paid blogs per week. I wrote an entry back then about how I had “bit off more than I could chew” because of the heavy work load and how I didn’t expect it and it was hard to keep up.
Now, to me, that is hilarious. A nightly blog and a couple of paid blogs a week is absolutely nothing.

These days- add another kid onto the work load, paid blogs through 2 websites (sometimes 3), surveys, occasional product testing, nightly blog on TOP of any paid blog I get, and now recently i’ve added the huge task of writing a book.
And I have to get all of that done in between 9pm-12am. That’s 3 hours for a lot of crap.

Some nights I blow through the surveys in 5 seconds flat, as i’ll get opted out of every single one- but there are other nights where i’m qualifying for every study and having to do about 7 of them that take over 20 minutes a piece. A few nights a week I actually have to give up the surveys and go to sleep.. or because my eyes start to blur from staring at multiple choice questions on a computer screen for too long.

I promised myself when I started the book that I would work on it EVERY single night. If I don’t, I know i’ll fall into a pattern of “Oh, it can wait for tomorrow!” and tomorrow turns into the next day, and the next day, until i’m not working on it at all and it never gets finished. I have to get myself into a rolling pattern, even if i’m exhausted, even if I don’t particularly want to work on it.

Of course, working on the book when I don’t want to, or don’t know what to write exactly introduces new issues.. crappy writing. And as much as I know I need to work every single day- I obviously want the book to be its absolute best.
I’ve found that i’m the most inspired during the day.. of course.. while the kids are awake. Since the file for the book is only on my laptop, i’ve been randomly scribbling things out freehand on pieces of paper when I think of them. Even more work! And my hand is ACHING from all the writing i’m doing. Definitely not used to this much writing. It’s been a long time since high school. I’m even getting that really hideous writing callous on my ring finger from where the pen sits. You know the one- it looks like a strange shiny bump. I didn’t miss having that.

Writing a blog, sometimes two a night, plus surveys and the book- all after dealing with two kids all day is a HUGE work load. I now laugh at my former self for complaining when it seems like nothing now.

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